Conversations that Change Lives

Engaging each other in Gospel conversations like never before.

In this time of global unrest, how can we bring the hope of Jesus to people who do not think we have much to offer?

How do we as followers of Jesus engage others with the Gospel when they feel this way?  What must we stop? What must we continue? These are some of the conversations we will have been discussing through the City Roadshow. And now we want to share with you some of our learnings and invite you to join in the conversation, especially today when our world has such a desperate need for hope and peace.

The Backstory

Watch as a team of people take the time to listen to everyday people around us. In this 17 minute preview of the series, you will hear why this research process kicked off, listen in to the voices of people interviewed about their views of Christians, and get a glimpse of the learnings which can shape your engagement of the people around you.

Our Problem To Solve

Christianity is neither authentic nor relevant to those who don’t follow. So how do you do this when you can’t actually be near anyone?

In the following six modules you will:

  • Get a deeper understanding of the people in your city.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations
  • Learn the core longings of all people
  • Identify the different personas in the city
  • Understand five practical steps to love and serve people.

Where do we begin? With a rapidly changing culture.

A Rapidly Changing Culture

Let’s be honest. Christians have lost credibility in our wider culture. The issues people face today are complex, yet many Christians are equipped with evangelistic strategies created decades ago. People are demanding more from Christians, viewing them as hypocritical and narrow-minded. Can Christians rebuild trust with those God has put around us?

In these first three modules we will look at the rapidly changing culture around us.

Cru City asked people in cities across the United States about their experience with Christians, Christian organizations, and how likely they are to join us in our efforts.

The results are sobering and, if we listen, we believe followers of Jesus can experience increased fruitfulness and response from the very people who say our Christianity isn’t authentic or relevant.

This module contrasts the difference between how most of us were trained for gospel engagement and the cultural reality of today. This is not good versus bad–this is about reimagining and recontextualizing timeless truth for a new reality. This metaphorical distinction will set the stage for the rest of content.

This module introduces you to seven personas which represent real people who are all around you. You will get a scale of belief to better identify where these people may be on their faith journey, and fill you with confidence and hope to faithfully engage.


A Thoughtful Approach

Cru’s ministry in cities around the United States has been exploring how to be more effective connecting to those we live, work, and play. Throughout the final three modules, you’ll explore insights you can easily apply.

This module describes three core longings that every person possesses. These core longings reveal a pathway for conversation and an opportunity for us to demonstrate true vulnerability as we meet people where they are. Understanding these longings–that we all feel deeply–allows for rich gospel engagement.


This module reveals five behaviors which are critical for us as Christ followers to exhibit as we engage. This reflects a genuine posture of humility. This is our pathway of empathy and authenticity. If we truly see people as created in the image of God with inherent dignity and worth, this is how love responds.


You are in the best position to contextualize what you have taken in through this content. But this brief module will give you a glimpse at something we are trying. In this cultural moment, people are not asking, “Does Jesus exist?”–they are asking, “Does Jesus matter?” This application will help you to See, Say, and Show in such a way that people will begin to understand that Jesus absolutely matters.


Reflecting Jesus for the good of your city.

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