Experience new freedom in introducing people to Jesus.

The Gospel Engagement in a Changing Culture Seminar


Due to COVID-19, live presentations in local cities have been paused.


But, you can now watch all six modules

from home or with others!

We have a problem

Christianity is neither authentic nor relevant to those who don't follow.

So how do we as followers of Jesus engage others with the Gospel when they feel this way?  What must we stop?  What must we continue?  These are some of the conversations we will have together at the City Roadshow.

Cru City asked people in cities across the United States about their experience with Christians, Christian organizations, and how likely they are to join us in our efforts.

The results are sobering and, if we listen, we believe followers of Jesus can experience increased fruitfulness and response from the very people who say our Christianity isn't authentic or relevant.

During the four hours together, you will:

  • get a deeper understanding of the people in your city.
  • get five practical steps to love and serve people.
  • meet other followers of Jesus who share your passion.

Barriers to the Gospel

Rapidly Changing Culture

Let's be honest. Christians have lost credibility in our wider culture. The issues people face today are complex, yet many Christians are equipped with evangelistic strategies created decades ago. People are demanding more from Christians, viewing them as hypocritical and narrow-minded. Can Christians rebuild trust with those God has put around us?

“The research from this project is gold. It reveals many of the reasons why our evangelistic efforts have struggled to bear fruit over the last 15 years.” 

— Clay Smith, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Senior Pastor.

A Thoughtful Approach

Cru's ministry in cities around the United States has been exploring how to be more effective connecting to those we live, work, and play with. Throughout the seminar, you'll explore with others recently completed research designed to not just give you insight but easily applied principles.


“Everyone who follows Jesus needs to hear the Roadshow. The numbers and empty chairs in our churches says it all. We need to join those outside the church, wherever they are, and we need to be willing to be more uncomfortable. The content at the Roadshow was validating of the feelings and obstacles I've experienced in ministry, and it also provides hope in a time when hopes feels so far away and unattainable.” 

Kenny Wong, Cru Campus, Orange County, CA.

A Six Module Workshop

An introduction and overview of Cru City Research.

7 Personas and how people identify on a scale of belief.

3 core longings of all people.

5 practical behaviors and proven steps to take in engaging others with the Gospel.

Suggestions on how to scatter seeds and proclaim well.

Free lunch provided and conversation with people who care about reaching people.

“We are most encouraged to see the opportunity to open more doors for gospel conversations with a great understanding that we get from the Roadshow. Our experience in the marriage and family space is people are interested in spiritual conversation. Thanks team!” 

— Mike Fendley, Family Life Field Director.