Britney Rock 

Life in a pandemic is one of many difficulties and birthed strange experiences. Out with the old and in with the new was voiced through and through so desperately. Social distance, sanitization and lockdowns wedded seemingly endless seclusion and social media connections at the end of the first and all of my second year at the University. For me, finding Cru was a simple scroll and tap on a page to follow— via my unconscious need but I gained a community. Here, with like minded individuals that helped and cared about each other, we are learning more about God and our ever-growing family. Therefore, for others wondering if their decision should hold much more certainty, a click will only bring you closer to where you truly want to be— a part of Cru UWI.


Shanon Peters 

I am a third-year student at UWI STA. Going into my second year, I decided to join some more clubs and get involved. The changes caused by the pandemic was still new to everyone so, finding a club at UWI STA was a unique task. I decided to go to Instagram. I typed “UWI” in hopes that I will be successful. To my surprise, I saw a few clubs appear, including Cru’s page. On their page, I saw a community of joyful people having fun and walking with Christ together.  I wanted to be a part of it so I  joined Cru. Being a part of Cru helped me in my spiritual journey immensely. As a babe in Christ, I needed step by step guidance. Also, I met great, like-minded people that are now my friends that I am thankful to have. To think I would have never  met if I didn’t join Cru.


Seychelle Woods

I discovered Cru through a follow suggestion, while casually strolling through Instagram. Excited to begin my first year at UWI, I wanted to be involved in something, other than academics of course. After learning about Cru by browsing through their posts, I decided to join. At that time it was simply about becoming involved. However, being a Christian, I found it very impactful as it motivated me to continue on my spiritual walk while I pursue my studies. Since I am now about to commence my second year at UWI, I have realized that in times where I would feel overwhelmed and frustrated with assignments, being involved in Cru meetings often reminded me to “…be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, make my requests be made known to GOD” Philippians 4:6. These weekly meetings often gave me a “recharge” in balancing my spiritual and academic life. I would definitely encourage anyone to join the Cru community!