Welcome to Cru UWI St Augustine and Trinidad and Tobago Campuses

Cru UWI STA and TT campuses is a caring community passionate about connecting students to Jesus and to one another. It is a wonderful place to belong during your campus journey and beyond.

Our desire is to help university students become ‘the total student’ by equipping them with tools for their spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social development.


When you join Cru you can expect to:

Experience God in community through our Connect Meetings and Discipleship Meetings.

Navigate student life and gain practical tips related to study skills, time management and relationships among others.  Also get together for fun events like games night and limes. 

Gain opportunities for leadership and global impact through our Trainings & Conferences.

Connect Meetings

A welcoming space to unwind, be encouraged and gain practical tips on topics related to Study, relationships, personality profiles and other student centered interests.  At our Connect Meetings you have the opportunity to connect with peers and grow alongside one another.

Discipleship/Bible Study

Discipleship Meetings provide you with Christian mentors and small group support, as you explore Biblical life application.

Trainings & Conferences

Whether virtual or physical, hosted locally or internationally, the global community of Cru helps to provide exciting and enlightening content to all of our training and conferences.

Events & Limes

Link up at our events and limes, where everyone is welcomed and filled with fun and  laughter and food when lockdown ends.


Join us as we pray for us and others and enjoy talking to our Heavenly Father.