Cru UWI St Augustine

Cru UWI STA  is one of the clubs of the Interclubs Committee (ICC) at  UWI  and has been at the St. Augustine campus since 1983. Over the years numerous students have graduated with honours and grown in their leadership skills,  as they have engaged in  relationship with  God and  other like-minded students.  

Our Leaders

Meet Our President

Tyrese Phillip  is an aspiring Accountant, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting  at the UWI St. Augustine Campus. He has a sincere zeal and boldness to make Christ known. His desire is that whatever he puts his hands to do that is good, that God receives all the glory and honor.

Meet our Vice President

Krista Diaz currently is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of the West Indies St. Augustine. She loves to participate in causes she is passionate about and spend time making a difference in other’s lives. She may not know exactly where her path is leading but she knows that it is in the Lord’s plan.

Meet our Public Relations Officer

Emily Sookdeo is currently pursuing a BSc in Management Studies with a minor in Marketing at UWI St. Augustine. Her ambitions include becoming an entrepreneur, and she finds joy in connecting with young individuals who boldly express their faith in Jesus Christ.

Meet our Treasurer

Shaylaina Birju is a student at the UWI St. Augustine Campus pursuing a BSc in Management Studies with a minor in International Relations. Although the path to success is never simple, it is always worthwhile in the end because through Christ anything is possible; the future’s gonna be okay.

Meet Our Helpers

These faithful members are committed to assist the Student Leaders in organizing, planning and smooth execution of our strategic plan for the academic year. They provide valuable support for our outreaches on campus and serve on various committees including the Promotions, Connect Meeting  and Administrative Team. 

Our Campus Staff Team

Alan Phillip

Alan Phillip served as a student leader in Cru while at UWI he served as the project manager then as the evangelism coordinator. Alan has served as a full-time staff with Campus Crusade for Christ/Cru for almost 15 years. This includes planning, leading and/or participating in different training conferences, missions projects, serving as Campus Team Leader and being a member of the National Leadership Team.


Stacy Thomas

Stacy Thomas became Involved in Cru as a student of SBCS while studying for a BSc in Management. As part of Cru she learned how to share the gospel and had the opportunity to share it during the training for the first time. After graduating, Stacy joined staff with Cru. She currently serves as part of the Campus Ministry team and loves to engage with students about their faith and disciple young women.

Jiselle Jackson

Jiselle Jackson is an Associate Staff with Cru’s Campus Ministry and  an entrepreneur in the field of Events and Conference Management. God used Cru’s LTI training to make her into the person she is today. Jiselle has a sincere heart for the Lord and loves sharing her spiritual journey, evangelizing to whomever God guides in  her path.