Cru at Indiana University is a caring community passionate about Jesus Christ and connecting other to Him! We do this through outreach, bible study, mentorship, weekly meetings, and mission trips! The best way to get involved is by reaching out and joining a bible study! Check out one today!!

Our bible studies are open for everyone to come to and they are located on campus for your convenience. 

Below is the schedule, and here are the contact informations:




Laura Scofield (lascof[at] & Madison Klein (madklein[at]

Gabe Tharp (gltharp[at] & Josh Catanzaro (catanzarojj[at]

Deacon Long (dekelong31[at] & Jonathan Ralstin (jralstin[at] & Lance Swartzentruber (lancswar[at]

Nick Beer (beer.nicholas22[at] & Matthew Helton (matthelton00[at]]

Becca Lancaster (relanc[at] & Grace Buhr (gracebuhr[at]

Dyllon Gui (dyllgui[at] & Christian Marshall (chsmarsh[at]

Destiny Joray (dlj2102[at] & Kara Gerber (kagerb[at]