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Cru | Christian Spiritual Growth for Fort Hays State University

Cru is a Christian campus ministry that seeks to help students from many campuses including Fort Hays State University take their next step in their spiritual growth towards Jesus by:

Connecting them to a mentor who can help them grow closer to God through discipleship.

Helping them to discover their next steps: find their purpose and how they can live out God’s plan for them--on campus and around the world.

Helping them to grow alongside others through opportunities like Bible studies and the local church. Cru is open to everyone, whether they grew up in the Church or have never been to a single service.

Bring Cru to Fort Hays State University

Take charge of your journey.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. We all want to grow and live a full life, but sense a gap between what we think life should be and our actual experience.

Cru is a community of imperfect people from all walks of life who follow Jesus together. Our goal is to journey with students in their spiritual growth as they take their next step toward Jesus.

Whether they are beginning to explore who Jesus is, growing in their walk with Him or wanting to discover His purpose for their life, we will come alongside them to help them continue to grow. Right now, Cru is helping people all over the world on high school and college campuses to connect with a mentor, discover their purpose and live that out in community.

What is your vision for Fort Hays State University?

How do you want to leave your mark? Do you want to share who God is and what He has done with those around you? Are you looking to join a group of people who are spreading the name of Jesus everywhere they go? 

Do you want to learn to walk in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and help others do the same? Do you want to start a movement? Do you want to help others in their spiritual growth by helping them know Jesus better? Watch this video and do the activity shown in it.

Cru would like to help you make the vision God has given you for Fort Hays State University become a reality.

Bring Cru to Fort Hays State University

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Do you know someone else who wants to see The Gospel spread on your campus? Share this page with them. Invite them to be a movement starter.

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