Community Groups are where real life and community intersect with the Gospel. It is a great time of asking questions, figuring out what you believe, getting into the Bible, and making friends. Check out the all mens groups and times below! Feel free to reach out to any group for more info.

Connor, Eric & Sam

Tuesdays at 5PM

Contact Connor at (425) 308-5437

or Eric at (406) 595-9019

or Sam at (406) 580-0832

Erik and Jared
Erik and Jared

Jared and Eric

Tuesdays at 7:30P

Contact Jared at (406) 212-7965

or Erik at (720) 315-0317

John, Caden, Takumi, Landon and Josiah

Wednesdays at 7:30P

Contact Caden at (406) 647-1497