Cru at Montana State is just a small part of a movement of people around the world who want to share Jesus with others. So why are we here?

Jesus taught us to pray like this, ‘your kingdom come, your will be done!’ We see students and faculty as those front line troops to bring the Kindom of God to a watching, needy world.

Our hope is to mobilize a generation of followers to put a real expression of Jesus in front of every person on the planet.  Believing every person is made in His image and has incredible inherent worth, we will utilize our mouths, our hands, our hearts, and any available resource to make Him known, more in our lives and prayerfully in the lives of those who have yet to comprehend His love for them.

We are longing for a deepening of our belief in the God who created and loves each person on the planet.

We are convinced that in belonging fully to others, we can more deeply comprehend the realities of the Kingdom and our unique contributions to it.

We are trusting that as our hearts are engaged with a loving God, He will move us out  as His blessing to the world… in caring for the marginalized, the hurting, the needy and those with no voice.

We want to raise up a generation to come, Help Change the World.