Cru at Florida State University

so that everyone has a chance to know and follow Jesus

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Our mission and Cru DNA includes...

  • Win: We are committed to seeing students proclaim Jesus as their Lord and savior as they are won over for the gospel.
  • Build: We walk alongside other believers in community as we strengthen our relationship with Christ.
  • Send: We want to we want to send students on to the next place where God will grow them and use them to win, build, send others as life-long followers of Jesus.
  • Launch: Our desire is for students to launch movements everyone until everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus

Student life can be tough but there is hope.

Your major. Your friends. Your post-grad plans. Your Friday night plans. As a college student, you have to make a lot of decisions. How do you know if you’re making the right one? What if you think you’ve made the wrong one? 
Florida State University has over 40,000 students! Thousands of students lose themselves during the very time they believe is meant for self- discovery.Questions plague their thoughts, causing them to be pushed and pulled every which way. There are so many competitive forces trying to capture the hearts and minds of college students at Florida State University.
You don’t need to go through all that alone. That’s why we have opportunities for community and growth alongside others, like connecting to a Bible study or mentor.

Where are you on your journey?

We are all on a journey. We all want to grow and live a full life, but sense a gap between what we think life should be and our actual experience.
This is where Jesus makes the difference. He brings purpose, meaning and direction to our journey.

Cru is a community of imperfect people from all walks of life who follow Jesus together. Our goal is to journey with you as you take your next step toward Jesus. Whether you are beginning to explore who Jesus is, or want to discover his purpose for your life, we will join you wherever you are.
Right now, Cru is helping people all over the world on high school and college campuses to connect with a mentor, discover their purpose and live that out in rich community.

Through Cru, you can find your purpose by connecting with others and connecting with Jesus.

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