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If you’re here, you probably like Cru and you want to learn how to get more involved.  Cru can only continue and grow if we have strong student leaders running it.  Today I want to share with you what leadership in Cru looks like so you can see if it’s for you. 

What is Cru?

Cru is a Christian outreach program on public high school campuses.  Our goal is to do 3 things: Win, Build, and Send. 

WIN – Our main focus is evangelism – helping people who do not know Jesus and helping them begin a relationship with Him.  Instead of asking non-Christians to come to  a church building to hear about God, we want to bring it to them where they are.  (Outreaches, sharing the gospel one on one, etc)

BUILD – Building Christians up in their faith, helping them grow into mature Christians.  (Small Groups, Speakers, etc) 

SEND – Training students to share their faith and lead spiritually so they can live a lifetime of helping others in their walk with Christ.

What is Student Leadership?

When we look for leaders in Cru we are looking for Servant Leaders. 

A student leader is someone who leads by serving.  They are leaders, not so that they can put it on a resume’, to feel better about themselves, or to feel important.  A Servant Leader, instead of putting themselves OVER others, is actually putting themselves UNDER others.  While some leaders may show up to be served by others, a Servant Leader shows up in order to serve others.

We usually look for students to lead things first (help with chairs, help with tech, help serve), then lead people (in small groups, talk up front) and then lead movements (lead Ministry teams, disciple other leaders)

What does it take?

When Leading in Cru, there are a number of ways you can lead.  We need people to just come help set up and put back the chairs.  We need people to invite others.  We need people to start small group Bible Studies with your friends.  There are all kinds of ways to lead unofficially.  You don't need a "title" in order to lead!

We have an acronyms that help us remember what we look for in a leader.

FAT – tells you what kinds of people we’re looking for

F – Faithful
A – Available
T – Teachable

Leadership Bible Verses

As leaders, we need to know what the bible says about leadership. The verses chosen reflect how we can lead better, Christ's model for leadership, or how we can serve others well.

Philippians 2:3-8
Luke 6:31
Matthew 20:26
Proverbs 11:14
Psalms 78:72
Proverbs 29:2
Exodus 18:21
Luke 22:26
Proverbs 29:14
Proverbs 4:23
Galatians 6:9
Hebrews 13:17



These tools help you lead followup and bible study materials as a teenager. Simply go through the study and help others grow closer to Christ.


Relationships, life issues, stress, religions, purpose in life, knowing God. is a safe place to explore questions about life and God.


These videos help you learn the overarching storyline of the bible and see how each book relates to Jesus.


These tools help you simply and clearly explain to someone how they can begin a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.