Connections for God’s Kingdom at the 2017 Epic Conference

February 25, 2017

Regional Giving Initiative: Ethnic Field Ministry conferences Their first moments at the West Coast Epic Conference were overwhelming and disorienting. For Randy, a University of Oregon senior with Korean heritage, it was the crowd of 250 Asian Americans packed into one place. Hannah, also a UO sophomore, felt like she’d stepped into a foreign country. […]

The Elephant on Campus

May 18, 2016

The signboard painted with a white elephant stood at a central walkway in the Montana State University campus all week. In bold, black letters, it said “Addressing the Elephant in the Room… How have Christians hurt you?” Each day that week, a group of students wore matching t-shirts with the elephant logo wherever they went […]

She met Jesus at 30,000 feet

April 17, 2015

No one would take her on an international mission trip, “Carrie” told Ralph Cooley, Cru staff with Faculty Commons, during Cru Conference. “Why is that?” he asked. “Because I’m legally blind,” she said. “I’ll take you,” he’d responded.   Three months later, Carrie, a student from Utah, joined the University of Idaho on their spring break […]

Get a Life

March 12, 2015

by JULIE CHANG I have a good breakdown about being single and childless at least twice a year. “If I was only married to a sexy, godly, charming man who I had amazing chemistry with,” I think. “One who could read my mind when I wanted him to, would never lost his sense of romance, […]

The Pledge – Cru Winter Conference /// Portland 2014

January 30, 2015

Students surrendered to God … “I want to do the Lord’s will, and give my whole life to the one who gave it to me.” “FEAR” “I want to give up my inability to open up. Lord you show me grace and love, lead me in the way and give me strength to TRUST wholly […]

Lasting Impact

January 30, 2015

  By Nicole Lewis About a month ago I was sitting at home trying to find some nuggets from the late Professor Howard Hendricks’ book Teaching to Change Lives. I never had the “Prof” as a seminary professor, but I did take a one week class from him years ago, and it made me really think about my life […]

Rockwood Knocks

January 29, 2015

A Cru staff mom and a former drug user share Jesus As Sonya, a Cru staff mom, watched the students fan out across the Rockwood apartment complex in pairs, she turned to her co-leader. This was his neighborhood. This was where he’d done drugs. This was where he’d met Jesus a year ago. Now he was […]

UW Cru shakes their way into campus life

November 13, 2014

UW Cru set up a camera and music during lunch hour, and invited people passing by to dance. Watch the video: Jaunty notes from Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake it Off” filled the University of Washington walkway during the lunch hour. A student in a blue polka dot dress spun a pirouette in her street shoes […]

God’s real work through an illusion show

November 11, 2014

Illusionist Jim Munroe performs street magic for students on the Washington State University campus before the evangelistic show “the Maze” that evening. WSU and the University of Idaho brought Munroe’s show to each of their campuses, and saw incredible student response from a wide diversity of students. WSU launched two focus groups for interested students following the outreach. Samantha […]

Something to Believe in

November 5, 2014

Standing in the crowd of students worshiping a God “Amy” had never believed in, tears began to fall from her eyes, as she realized how much she needed something or someone, who could take the weight of her problems from her shoulders. Lindsey first met “Amy” when she climbed into her car. It was the […]