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General Trip Info
Trip ID: 873
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Global Region: North America
Sending Ministry Division: College Ministry of Cru
Open To New Applicants: Yes
Start Date: May 25, 2024
End Date: August 4, 2024
Length: 10 weeks
Cost: $4,250.00
Can a student get a job?: Yes
Cru Internship?: Yes
Major Or Career: Any

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Jacksonville Summer Mission: TriLife

Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the U.S. It’s unique in that there is both a downtown business district and lovely Jax Beaches. TriLife Jacksonville was developed by staff who felt unprepared to navigate the complexity of maintaining an intimate and missional walk with the Lord upon entering the marketplace after college, even though we had previously been leaders in our Cru movements. This summer mission is designed to develop you to “win at home, win at work, with the church”. You will work a full-time job while on the summer mission, which can either be an internship in your field of study or just a summer beach job. After work, we’ll be giving you practical tools and trainings to prepare you for life post-college – from budgeting to figuring out how to to find a Biblically solid church to plug into to being a light at work and even to preparing for marriage and parenting, should God call you to those roles one day. Adult life brings a lot to balance, and our goal is to set you up with some good tools and systems to honor the Lord in all of the areas of life. You will rub shoulders with other students, a local church community, local business people, and Cru staff who spent time in corporate America prior to joining staff with Cru. Students on the summer mission will live in close community with the staff families, and we will seek to demonstrate how to balance work life and home life, all the while seeking to glorify God… even in conflict (because conflict also comes up in staff families!)

Involved Cru Teams

D.C. Metro Team, James Madison University Team, Lehigh Valley Team, Lynchburg Metro Team, University of Maryland Team, Virginia Tech Team, Virginia Tech Valor Team, West Chester University Team