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General Trip Info
Trip ID: 1495
Location: Colombia
Global Region: Latin America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa
Sending Ministry Division: College Ministry of Cru, Unto (Humanitarian)
Open To New Applicants: No
Start Date: May 31, 2024
End Date: June 22, 2024
Length: 3 weeks
Cost: $4,500.00
Can a student get a job?: No
Cru Internship?: No
Major Or Career: Pre-Med

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Colombia Summer Mission: Women’s Health


Women around the world face many physical, social, and spiritual challenges. In some cases, women are told little about their health, even to the point of becoming pregnant and giving birth without understanding what is happening to their bodies. Some women are uneducated; perhaps because their families won’t allow it, many lack feminine hygiene products so they miss a week of school every month and eventually drop out. And some women are silenced, oppressed; prevented from sharing their thoughts and coerced into believing someone else’s. Even with all of this going against them, we still believe that women are the key to a healthier society, as the ones who often raise a family and nurture a community. We seek to follow Jesus’ examples throughout Scripture, as he sees women and treats them with the dignity ascribed to them as ones created in the image of God.

You can help bring physical and spiritual healing to marginalized women by joining the Unto Women’s Health Summer Mission trip. In partnership with National Cru staff and their partners, you will participate in teaching health education workshops that provide life saving information, while building relationships that lead to Gospel conversations. When you participate in this trip, you help to share the kindness of Jesus in incredibly tough places by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope.

The Unto Women’s Health Summer Mission trip is open to female students with health related majors who have completed approximately two semesters with clinical rotation. Female students of other majors may be considered providing they have a medical/science background with some clinical knowledge and experience. Please still reach out if you’re interested but don’t quite meet this criteria yet…we’d love to talk more and see if this would be a good fit for you!

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