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Christ-Centered Bible Study:
Hearing the Music of the Gospel

8 Lessons Bible Studies

Course Description

In this Course on Christ-centered Bible study, we’ll take a look at how Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, exposes our need for — and points us to — Christ and the “good news” of salvation — aka the “music of the gospel.”

The skills learned in this course are a great start to transforming how you experience the gospel in your life each day through Scripture.

When you read the Bible (Scripture), is your main focus on asking, “What does this teach me that I should be doing?”

As you learn to read the Bible through this new lens, you'll be able to:



Move from a solely behavior-focused reading of Scripture to a transformational one



Reflect on the deeper root issues of your sins



See how passages expose our need for and point us to the redeeming power of Jesus Christ



Live and experience the gospel in a new way

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Understanding the Redemptive Focus of Scripture

Scripture exposes our need for and points us to our Savior.

7 min read

Lesson 2: Portraits of Our Brokenness

As we see our need for a Savior, we learn how the gospel — throughout all of Scripture — moves us from behavior-based action to heart-focused transformation.

5 min read

Lesson 3: Uncovering the Sin beneath the Sin

Learn how to look below the surface and identify the root issues of our sins that further reveal our spiritual need.

7 min read

Lesson 4: Portraits of a Beautiful Savior

When reading the Bible, we cannot stop at seeing our spiritual need; we must also ask, “How does this passage point me to Christ?”

6 min read

Lesson 5: Clarifying a Potential Misunderstanding

What a Christ-centered Bible study is and what it is not.

7 min read

Lesson 6: Bringing it All Together: How to Hear the Music of the Gospel

Now that we’ve looked at the five elements above, let’s bring them all together.

8 min read

Lesson 7: Gospel-Centered Living

As believers, we still need the gospel. Reading Scripture with a Christ-centered focus changes the way we live and experience the gospel every day.

9 min read

Christ-Centered Bible Study Conclusion

We were created to know God — our hearts were made to respond to the music of the gospel.

4 min read