What are we doing for recreation??

All conference activities for the recreation time provided at the conference are located on site.

Each activity varies in cost and location.


What about transportation?

Transportation cost is extra. To find out your transportation cost, look at your city’s information page. More Information HERE

What about housing?
Housing cost is extra. To find out your housing cost, look at your city’s information page. More Information HERE
How do I register?

All registrations are online. You can begin registration by clicking here, REGISTER EARLY Register by December 17th at 11:59pm EST  and receive $40.00 off the conference cost, making the price $50!! After December 17th the cost will be $75 until January 6, after Jan 6, the cost of the conference will be $90. Online Registration will close on January 10th at noon EST.


Where are we meeting?

College Park Church

2606 W 96th St

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Are meals included in the cost?

Meals covered in the registration cost include dinner for Friday night, lunch and dinner on Saturday, along with snacks between sessions.  All other meals during the conference will be on your own.


What Time does the conference end?

It ends at 1 pm on Monday, January 18th.


What happens on the Day of Outreach?

An opportunity for outreach is built into the conference schedule each year. We will visit Indianapolis churches and build relations by serving alongside local Indy teens, Cru Staff and community leaders a part of local Indy Churches.


How can I promote this on my campus?

Fastbreak Promo Kit

We hope you are able to find all the answers to your many questions, but in case you don’t, be sure to ask your staff person or drop us a line at jeanette.saxton@cru.org