Honoring Your Parents  Discipleship Curriculum

A Design Movement staff member created a discipleship curriculum about honoring your parents while following God’s call on your life. It is useful to read together with someone you are spiritually mentoring, or for personal study. It is a series of 6 topics (the first two provide a framework, while #3-6 are more topical), including:

  1. How do I obey both God and my parents when it seems like they want me to do different things?
  2. Godly Disobedience: Honoring Your Parents While Going Against Their Wishes
  3. Balancing my parents’ priorities for my life with my own: How should I spend my time?
  4. My parents often tell me “no” when I try to take steps of faith. What should I do?
  5. What is the Biblical View of Dating and Marriage?
  6. How do I honor my parents when it comes to dating/marriage?

Here is the curriculum to download in PDF format: Parents-Curriculum


Have you ever wondered how God feels about followers of Islam? Have you ever wondered if Jesus has anything to say to Muslims? Are you, perhaps, looking for answers about who Jesus is yourself?

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Is Jesus really the only God? Is resurrection really different than reincarnation? Do you wonder what Jesus has to say to Hindus?

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Astha - A Forum of Faith
The word astha means faith in several South Asian languages. Design invites other organizations like Muslim Student Association, Hindu Students Council, or others to co-host the event. It includes a lecture on similarities and differences between the faith traditions, personal stories of faith from representative from each tradition, and discussion over food at the end.