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January 15-17, 2021

The past few months have been a sense of uncertainty and restlessness since we don’t know what the future holds. Many of us feel stuck in this chaotic climate. But this is not how we were meant to live. In John 10:10b, Jesus said that He came so that ‘[we] may have life, and have it to the full.’ We want you to renew your passion for Jesus and the gospel. Do more than survive—thrive!

With a special focus on the Holy Spirit, Design Conference 2021 will teach you how to thrive in the presence of the Living God. We will explore unique ministry opportunities available to South Asian Americans and celebrate Jesus, desi-style. Join us for re-energizing fellowship, wisdom from guest speaker Linson Daniel, and a time to reconnect with God’s purpose for His beloved creation.

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What to Expect

How are you going to integrate your faith and your career? How will you appropriately engage with your parents, family, future spouse about things that matter to you? How will you invest into the next generation of students on your campus and people in your community?

See what it looks like! Here are highlights from a previous Design Conference:


What does an online conference filled with Jesus, fellowship, and South Asian community look like?​

Friday, January 15

Registration: Show up on Zoom at 5:40 EST / 4:40CST with payments, forms, etc. complete!

Session 1

6-7:30pm EST/ 5-6:30pm CST

  • Kahoot #1
  • Worship
  • Introduction to Design Movement
  • Student Spotlight
  • South Asian American Panel
  • Meet the Speaker
Dinner Break – 1 hour

Session 2

8:30-10pm EST / 7:30-9pm CST

Saturday, January 16

Session 3

11am-12:30pm EST / 10-11:30 am CST

  • Kahoot #2
  • Round Table Mini Seminars (Breakout Rooms)
  • Outreach Training
  • Group Picture!

Lunch break & free afternoon

Session 4 – With Your Campus

4-6pm EST / 3-5pm CST

  • Worship
  • Outreach Processing/Debriefing
  • Linson Daniel Talk 2
  • Prayer Time

Dinner break – 1 hour

Session 5

7-8pm EST / 6-7pm CST

  • Interactive Game/Discussion
  • Open Mic: Student Stories
  • Giving Opportunity
  • Acoustic Worship

Optional Fun Time

8:30pm EST / 7:30pm CST onwards

  • Hangouts/Game Time Online!

Sunday, January 17

Free morning for time with family and/or church

Optional Parent’s Time/ Q&A Session

2:30-3pm EST / 1:30-2pm CST

  • Info about Design Movement
  • Q&A with Design Staff & Speaker Linson Daniel

Session 6 – Parents and Students Combined

3-5pm EST / 2-4pm CST

  • Kahoot #3
  • Worship
  • Information about London Partnership
  • Student Launching Panel
  • Message to Parents
  • Linson Daniel Talk 3
  • Worship

Did Someone Say... Talent Show?

Friday Night, 1/15 there will be a talent show, featuring YOU! Conference attendees can enter a skit, a skill, a song, a poem, or whatever else! Here are some guidelines, along with how to submit your entries!

Videos should be:
-2.5 to 3 minutes long
-Displaying some talent or an entertaining skit
-Preferably related to the theme of London and/or Bollywood
Due by Monday night, Jan 11
-Any questions? Contact zander.smith@designmovement.org
So don’t wait! Get planning now with your friends, and wow us with your talents! And then make sure you come through on the 15th to see everyone’s entries!


 Students/Alumni – $25

So, why $25 if it’s going to be online? You will receive a swag box that will include the official Conference t-shirt and other goodies that will be shipped to your house . The sooner you register, the more likely it will arrive by the time the conference happens!


DC 2021 Swag Pack


Meet our Conference Speaker: Linson Daniel! Linson currently serves as the Associate Pastor at Metro Church in Dallas, TX. He also serves as the Senior Advisor and Consultant for InterVarsity/USA. He is passionate about identifying and empowering South Asian American leaders, planting and starting new ministries, and seeing South Asians become lifelong disciples of Jesus. Linson has been married to his beautiful wife, Betina, for the past 13 years, and they have two cute, talkative children named Sophia and JT. He loves playing board games, playing music, and cooking for family and friends. He is a huge fan of Starbucks, The Office, Harry Potter, and all things Marvel!

I am looking forward to Design Conference 2021 because I believe the Lord is going to use a new generation of South Asian Americans to renew our country and usher in revival for our people and others. College students can make a huge difference in the world. I am honored to be with you all.”

For more about Linson, check out:

Facebook: facebook.com/linsonbetina
Instagram: @linson.danial
Twitter: @linson_daniel
Website: linsondaniel.com
Church: metrochurch.us


Parents, are you thinking about allowing your child to attend Design Conference? Watch this video. The parents of an involved student share about their experience having their children involved in Design.


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What is Design?

Design Movement seeks to be a community that honors Jesus and celebrates desi culture.

Our weekly gatherings on campus may include Faith & Chai, an interfaith dialogue, as well as Jeevan Group, where we discuss the Bible.