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The Path Between Us – Book Review

“In Enneagram wisdom, the best part of you is also the worst part of you.” – Suzanne Stabile If you read my previous review, you know that it was The Road Back to You that kick-started my Enneagram journey. Whereas that book was all about discovering my Enneagram type and what that meant about how […]

Feeling Disconnected in an Interconnected World

(10:00 p.m. on a School Night) My Son: “Is the internet down? I can’t get online!” Me: “I’m not sure. Try refreshing your browser.” My Son: “I did that. I still can’t get online.” Me: “Have you tried rebooting your computer? Let me know if that fixes the problem.” (Minutes later) My Son: “I rebooted […]

Why Do Some Quit While Others Don’t?

Over the summer, my wife and I attended a parent mixer for our twins’ Cross Country team. Because I’m the team photo/video guy, I was asked to bring Cross Country videos that could be shown on a big screen TV, creating some background ambience for the event. As I scoured my hard drives to look […]

The Deep End

What types of friendships do you have? Do the friendships you value the most leave you full of life and encouraged? If so, why is that? And if not, why are your friendships not meeting your expectations? Let’s examine what makes a friendship meaningful and how to turn a good friendship into a great and memorable […]