Current Operation Interns


Jesus Film Project
Production Equipment Service Specialist


Campus Ministry
Partner Engagement Coordinator
As the partner engagement coordinator for Campus Development, I am working to enhance the relationships between our partner representatives and Cru's ministry partners. I do that through the upkeep of our partner engagement websites and through the optimization of data. Overall, I am helping to provide our reps with the best opportunities to cultivate relationships with our generous ministry partners, who play a pivotal role in helping us win, build, and send students on campuses all over.


Graphic Designer
I am a graphic designer for Unto, the humanitarian ministry of Cru. I serve on the Communications team, within the larger Advancement team, where we create and execute the overarching, comprehensive strategy to accomplish the mission of Unto through meaningful engagement opportunities including fundraising, marketing, and communications. As a graphic designer with Unto, I work with Unto's brand to create meaningful content that connects audiences to the mission: Unto expresses the kindness of Jesus in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope.


US Capacity - US Tech
Desktop Technician
I work with the Desktop Support Team to ensure that missionaries at Lake Hart and around the world are able to use the technology they need to share the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. The technology needs for missions are varied and constant, so our team works hard to support Cru and its affiliates.


US Capacity - Digital Strategies
I write, edit and proofread for Cru's many publications, such as, Storylines, newsletters, and many more.


US Capacity - Digital Strategies
Communication Specialist
As a communications specialist for the U.S. Digital Strategies team, I write for Cru Storylines and Cru's website, collaborate on marketing campaigns, support media relations and internal communications, and create social media content. The vision of our team is to expand digitally, respond contextually, and multiply strategically in order to fulfill the Great Commission!


Leadership & Human Resource Intern
I work with the Business Partners, Oneness and Diversity, and Mobilization team of FamilyLife’s Leadership Development & Human Resource (LDHR) team to help cultivate a culture within FamilyLife where employees feel known, seen, and loved. My goal is to help create a sense of belongingness and connectedness that empowers FamilyLife employees to reach families everywhere to assist them in developing Godly homes one home at a time.


US Capacity - Financial Services
Ministry Financial Analyst
I'm a Financial Analyst on the Ministry Finance Team, where we come alongside Cru ministries to provide financial assistance and instruction for the respective field staff. In doing this, we take the financial burden off their shoulders and steward the respective financial resources in a God-honoring way, so the gospel can be furthered around the world.


Jesus Film Project
Animation Intern
I'm on the Jesus Film Animation team. Our team specifically focuses on making animated movies and short videos to share the gospel with younger generations that animated content appeals to. About 97% of people who come to know Christ, do so before the age of 30, so there's a big audience to tap into!


US Capacity - Leadship Development & HR
Human Resource Partner Assistant
As a Human Resources Partner (HRP) in training within US Capacity, I assist HRP's that are connected to specific departments to provide HR services, counsel and expertise. Being an HRP helps grow, train and facilitate our office capacity staff in order to help expand the mission. US Capacity consists of approx. 750 people within Cru's US corporate departments such as donation services and the general counsel's office.


Social Media Content Intern
I serve as a writer on the social media and digital content teams. On social media, I'm able to help people pursue the relationships that matter most from Instagram by creating content and writing messages of hope and encouragement! For digital content, I write blog posts for young people that are shared on the web and via email.


Woman's Health Specialist
As the Women’s Health team, we are working to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal the hope of Christ to women globally. We provide hygiene supplies and teach workshops on basic health education to women globally to help them feel clean, seen, and whole. Topics focus on women's health, including anatomy, hygiene, pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, and more. The workshops are designed to educate women in the basics of health, as well as serving them spiritually and socially. As we teach, we strive to remind women how important they are in God's eyes.


Jesus Film Project
Animation Intern
As an animation intern, our team’s mission is to create engaging videos and films that are used as tools to bring the Gospel to people all over the world. We specifically focus on the importance of creating media that resonates with a variety of cultures and people groups. I specifically work in pre production on these projects, working to establish the film’s visual design and storytelling. I love that I get to utilize my love for art and animation to serve the Lord, and to bring the good news to people who may never hear it otherwise.


Campus Ministry
Mobilization Strategist
As a mobilization strategist, I work with the mobilization team, where I think of new and innovative ways to get students plugged into life-changing opportunities such as mission trips, career opportunities, and events that will help them both grow in their walk with God and help train them to lead others to Him.


Campus Ministry
Priority Product IT Administrator
As the Campus Ministry Marketing team, we are responsible for connecting priority US Campus Ministry products (such as Fall Getaway, Winter Conference, Summer Mission Trips, etc.) and services (such as help discerning God's will, ministry partner development, etc.) with relevant audiences to win, build, and send lifelong multiplying disciples. I collaborate and coordinate the offering of priority products and services, providing value to Campus Ministry audiences through Cru’s preferred internet technology platform.


Jesus Film Project
Animation Intern
I work with Jesus films production department, as an in house animator. I help produce feature and short films to share the gospel and start spiritual conversations. Lastly I work on research and development of cutting edge digital tools for evangelism and discipleship.