Current Operation Interns


Campus Ministry
Mobilization Strategist
As a mobilization strategist, I work with the mobilization team, where I think of new and innovative ways to get students plugged into life-changing opportunities such as mission trips, career opportunities, and events that will help them both grow in their walk with God and help train them to lead others to Him.


Jesus Film Project
Global Media Intern
As a Global Media Specialist, I work alongside the production and writing team to create media content to share the gospel among the nations. We exist to glorify God by serving the body of Christ through the creation and acquisition of media that facilitate evangelism and follow-up.


Financial Services Group
Ministry Financial Analyst
I'm a Financial Analyst on the Ministry Finance Team, where we come alongside Cru ministries to provide financial assistance and instruction for the respective field staff. In doing this, we take the financial burden off their shoulders and steward the respective financial resources in a God-honoring way, so the gospel can be furthered around the world.


Jesus Film Project
Animation Intern
I intern as a CG artist on the Jesus Film Project Animation Team. We create films in different languages to reach the world for Christ!


Jesus Film Project
Global Media Intern
I assist in the production of a variety of media ministry tools that will be used to reach people around the world.


Campus Ministry
Cru Music Intern


Allocation Coordinator
As Destino's Allocation Coordinator, I help assess and meet the needs of our campus staff, and I determine placements for new staff. I have the opportunity to help cultivate Biblical and diversified unity by connecting Latinos with Cru's mission and by implementing Latino norms and values into Cru's ministry.


Jesus Film Project
Animation Intern


Campus Ministry
Innovation Project Manager
As an Innovation Project Manager, I help improve the processes of Campus Ministries through creative problem solving, thereby increasing the effectiveness of campus ministries around the globe.


Social Media Content Intern
I serve as a writer on the social media and digital content teams. On social media, I'm able to help people pursue the relationships that matter most from Instagram by creating content and writing messages of hope and encouragement! For digital content, I write blog posts for young people that are shared on the web and via email.


Digital Product & Services
Project Manager
I'm a project manager for the Digital Products and Services department. I help to keep projects organized and on task so that Cru ministries seeking digital assistance on the ideas, needs, and goals of their teams can be properly implemented.


Jesus Film Project
Unit Production Intern
I will be serving in a Producer/Unit Production manager role. I will be producing short film content that is intended to start spiritual conversations and ultimately share the gospel through film making around the world.


Campus Ministry
Insights & Analytics Intern
As a data analyst, I look at various campus ministry data and search for trends and insights into how movements are progressing. We present the trends we notice to help our ministry leaders formulate new strategies to share the Gospel to all students around the world.


Creative 1 Media
I work for Cru’s in-house production team with other designers, videographers, photographers, and animators at Creative 1 Media. Together we capture on camera how God is changing lives; I use video to share the good news of what God has done through Jesus, is doing right now through this ministry, and promises to do in the Bible. Those videos are used by students and staff to win people for Christ, build into their faith, and send them out to win others.


Family Insight Intern
We primarily do research to learn more about 'Every Home' and how we can better serve them. We conduct interviews with current and potential families, interpret data, and collaborate with other departments to produce reports and recommendations.