Current Operation Interns


US Ministries
Virtual Recruitment Specialist
I work to reach and recruit college students through an online job search platform called Handshake. Assignments include initiating conversations and having interviews with students on the platform, creating, advertising, and carrying out virtual seminars over various ministry / missions topics, reaching out to job applicants, and participating in recruitment fairs.


Jesus Film Project
Graphic Designer


Paris Office Intern
Conference Planner / Writer
As a conference and events intern, I get to be part of a team that creates and facilitates conferences globally to allow Christians to gather together. On the writing side, I use my skills to communicate cross-culturally within the North African and Middle East region.


Campus Ministry
Innovation Project Manager
As an Innovation Project Manager, I help improve the processes of Campus Ministries through creative problem solving, thereby increasing the effectiveness of campus ministries around the globe.


Jesus Film Project
Global Media Intern
I assist in the production of a variety of media ministry tools that will be used to reach people around the world.


Audio Technician
I take part in recording, editing and mastering sessions of FamilyLife podcast shows. I am currently becoming familiar with signal flow and processing, and learning how we store and organize the files.


Project Manager
FamilyLife is in the midst of creating their own Project Management Department, so I am working with my supervisor and team to create the new department!


Jesus Film Project
Global Media Writer
I am a writer and I craft short films to be used for ministry purposes.


Digital Products & Services
Server Application Engineer


Family Insight Intern
We primarily do research to learn more about 'Every Home' and how we can better serve them. We conduct interviews with current and potential families, interpret data, and collaborate with other departments to produce reports and recommendations.


Cru Music
I help create space for people to connect and worship the God.


Campus Ministry
People & Culture Project Manager
I connect with Team Leads and Staff Directors to get the most recent data on the needs of their team. This information is passed on to coordinators to log that data and make sure that staff is heard and cared for.


Jesus Film Project
Unit Production Intern


Innovative Events Planner


FInancial Services Group
Financial Analyst
I am a ministry analyst and a financial representative for the Unto Ministry. My responsibilities include: promoting good stewardship of ministry funds, complying with established financial processes, improve decision-making and establish a strong relationship between the Unto Ministry and the Financial Services Group to increase the organizational capacity and maximize the eternal impact of Cru.


Paris Office Intern
I love having the opportunity to mobilize and equip hundreds of short term missions teams to fulfill the great commission and love the Lord in the Middle East by utilizing my business and operations degree. Being able to love the Lord, love my team, learn a new culture and launch new movements with other people on the same mission is a true honor. Thank you Jesus, all glory to Him!