Cru's Office Internship
Preview Weekend

The Lord has gifted His people in different ways and is calling all of us to use those gifts to help fulfill the Great Commission. Through a one-year operations internship with Cru, you can use your professional skills to impact lives for Christ! We invite you to join us at Cru’s Office Internship Preview Weekend February 2024.

Operations - Another Facet of Ministry

When talking about ministry, people think of those who share the Gospel overseas or on college campuses. Cru, like any other organization needs people working in operational roles to propel the Gospel forward. There is a need for believers in the professional fields of software development, marketing, project management, and more.

Just as the early church in Acts 6 needed Spirit-filled people of faith to handle food distrubution details in order for the Word to be spread, today’s church needs professional missionaries, using their talents and gifting, to help communicate and fulfill the Great Commission.

Come explore opportunities to serve with one of the largest mission organizations in the world!

Learn how you can use your
skills and talents in ministry!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Preview Weekend for?

  • Upperclassmen & recent graduates who are seriously considering operational & capacity roles with Cru.

When is Preview Weekend?

  • February 8-11, 2024
If accepted, what are my time commitments?
  • We’ll aim to have you in Orlando by 2 PM on the Thursday of the event.

What if I am traveling from a location that makes it hard to arrive by 2 pm? (West Coast, Northwest, Upper Midwest)

  • Our team will most likely bring you in the day before.

Are these paid positions?

  • Yes, our interns are paid through the support that they raise prior to beginning their internship. 

What am I expected to pay for if accepted to the in-person event?

  • Your hotel room, transportation in Orlando, flight and food will be covered by our team. The only expense you have to cover is your transportation to and from the airport pre & post Preview Weekend.