Greek Impact – We are a Christian organization that exists in most every Greek System across the United States.

Many of us have a religious background, of course many of us do not as well.  In either case we, in Greek Impact, want to be a resource for you.
If you think about four main areas of life; social, mental, physical, and spiritual- during college you tend to focus on the first three.  At the same time we tend to neglect the latter.  This can be dangerous because the latter, the Spiritual area, can actually be a guide and inform to the other three (at a foundational level).   So while in college, as you are making some of the most important decisions about who you are and where you are going, you might neglect the area of life that actually gives direction to those areas.

Greek Impact is here to help you make the Spiritual area an important part of your life.

  • We have a team of leaders who meet and dream about how to influence the Greek System at Vanderbilt.
  • We have small group bible studies or discussions that meet with a variety of regularity. These studies offer space to explore how the Bible relates to life. We offer both intraferternal and chapter specific small group discussions.
  • We offer one on one mentoring in this area
  • training in leadership, bortherhood/sisterhood, integrity, legacy, and manhood
  • summer training program – check out
  • wealth of resources – check out
  • We are also just available as a community for those of you that realize a need to have connection with a group of people that have common interests in pursuits in this area of life.