Cru at Pennsylvania State University, a Christian Graduate Campus Ministry

Find Grad Student Christian Community on Your Campus

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. We exist to help every grad student navigate that journey by embracing and experiencing the gospel in their life, relationships, and calling as a scholar.

Ultimate Frisbee

We want to help every grad take their next step toward Jesus

  • Connect to a community of grads who desire to invest in their relationship with God in grad school.
  • Discover how your faith impacts your calling as a grad student.
  • Grow alongside others through opportunities like Bible studies and finding a local church.

Grad School is Unique

Grad school provides unique opportunities, challenges, and rewards. Your research. Your friends. Your advisors. Your Friday night plans. The grad ministry of Cru provides a place of community to help you navigate each of them.

Where are you on your journey?

To thrive in grad school and beyond, you’ll need a big vision. You’ll also need other grad students to share that vision with you and to help one another trust God for it. You’ll need a plan. You’ll need ongoing equipping. And you’ll need someone to coach or mentor you.

We would love to journey with you.

Living for God. Loving well and investing in the lives of those around you. Using your degree to glorify God and help change the world. Joining with others to take the hope of Jesus to the whole campus and to the whole world. Can you think of a grander vision for grad school?