Interested in being a leader with Cru?

Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting others to Jesus! This means we are about Jesus – His glory, His plans, His purposes, His Gospel. Cru wants to be a spiritual movement that honors Jesus by knowing Him and telling His story. This also means we are going wherever Jesus is going, especially at IU – in every classroom, dorm, to every nation, to help reach everyone! How will we get there? By Jesus’ plan! By students making Jesus the focus on their lives and leading others in getting, giving, and multiplying the reach of the Gospel! 

If you are interested in being a leader with Cru, there is a good chance that all of this is something that you are excited about doing, learning how to do, and growing in understanding! We’re excited for you to take this step of faith with us.

Below are two forms we’d ask you’d fill out and email them to the Team Leaders in order to be considered for leadership!

This application takes you through Cru’s statement of faith, expectations & requirements of being a leader, and questions to answer that ensure you have the level of understanding, experience, and skill necessary to effectively maintain the messages and to carry out the purposes of Cru.

This is a bio for you to fill out to help us get to know you and your views on different topics! We invite you to answer whatever questions you are willing and able to answer. Your answers will be shared only with the staff and the Leadership Team members.

Be sure to download these and fill them out individually. After you have completed them, email them to the team leaders and you will be contacted from that point on!

Thank you for taking the time to prayerfully consider leading with us!