What's It Like to Go On Summer Mission With Cru?

What is a Summer Mission with Cru like?

Imagine a summer that could change cities, countries and continents around the globe while also forever transforming your life – a summer that propels you into a deeper walk with God and gives you greater confidence in making Him known, a summer that develops your leadership skills and begins friendships you’ll take with you throughout your life.

For more than 40 years, hundreds of thousands of students
have taken advantage of summer mission trips with Cru. Tweet This

Embark with us for just one week or up to 12 weeks where you will...

  • Go with a team of other students
  • Grow closer to God
  • Experience the meaning of community
  • Train in loving God for a lifetime
  • Bring the Gospel to people who need Jesus
  • See the world through God's eyes
  • Learn to articulate the Gospel to anybody anywhere

God designed you to make a difference in the world.

We know you are ready and able to change the world.

You might not feel ready, but Cru designed its Summer Missions with you in mind.

Let's go and make disciples of all the nations.


Halfway around the world this summer, you reach out to shake hands, but the person you met two hours ago gives you a hug. Despite being from different cultures, different backgrounds, and different countries, you make a meaningful connection because you’re talking about deeper things – like God and the Gospel.


At many Summer Mission locations across the US, you can get a job and then spend the rest of the week in a life-growing community. Time is packed with personal mentoring, training in evangelism and discipleship, digging into God’s word and diving into God’s mission.


God is calling you into the workforce after graduation, so get equipped to effectively reach others in your workplace for Christ. (It’s a skill you’ll need for the rest of your life!)

Prepare for your calling by attending a Summer Mission with Cru. Tweet This



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