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“I had to decide between conducting research and serving God’s people overseas.”

My summer had two predictable paths: Summer Missions or research. On one hand, I felt pressured by people in my life to further my academics by spending my summer conducting research. On the other, I went on an incredible Summer Mission with Cru to Fiji last year—something that my parents thought was a one-time thing. They weren’t too excited about the idea of missions trip round two. Needless to say, I was struggling with conflict of interest. Fiji rocked my world, and I was eager to give up another summer to the glory of God. Yet the opportunity of gaining professional experience compelled me still.

God had given me a choice. I realized that both options were great—I would get to serve broken people in both scenarios. But prayer led me to understand that I would be more equipped for a future of Christian servanthood if I attended another mission trip.

I began praying for Berlin because it is my school’s overseas partnership, not because I felt called to go there. In fact, I had no desire to go to Berlin at all. I was perfectly content just praying for the movement there, as long as I wasn’t physically part of it. But, somehow, praying for Berlin began to open my heart to actually want to go there.

That’s the thing about God—He loves us so much that He calls us out of our comfort zones and complacency to opportunities that are scary, yet so much better. Trust God. He can take the weight of your worry. Just be willing to go wherever He calls you because, with God, what He has planned for you is always better than what you could have planned yourself.

Sam went to Berlin in 2014.

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