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“I was terrified about making the wrong decision so much so that it kept me from making any decision at all.”

My experience on a Summer Mission last summer sparked a longing for adventure in my heart. Sure, there was pressure to pursue an internship that would build my resumé, but I felt the Holy Spirit calling me in a different direction.

God took many opportunities to develop my heart for the Middle East during the last school year. On my previous Summer Mission trip, a visitor spoke on various worldwide unreached people groups. When a specific Middle Eastern group appeared on the screen during the presentation, I felt God tug on my heart and lead me toward this part of the world for the first time. Still, my heart was so conflicted between a need to launch my career and a desire to serve the Lord.

I took a step of faith and applied for Oasis. After I was accepted, I only felt affirmation that this was exactly what God wanted me to do through books I was reading, relationships, and flooding financial support. I learned that when I take a step of faith, I can rest in God's promises and enjoy the adventure He has planned for us.

Lauren attended Oasis in 2014.

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