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Q: Can I get a job on a Summer Mission with Cru?

A: At international locations you will not get a job, but for most U.S. locations, you will be required to get a job. Your job will actually be your main ministry “assignment” for the summer, where you’ll learn to connect with folks at your job in order to be a beacon of God’s love for them. Typical jobs include working at McDonald’s, Waffle House, a t-shirt shop, on the boardwalk in your city, life guarding at a water park, cleaning hotel rooms, etc…. Please note that there are U.S. locations, however, where students do not get jobs and where they typically spend their days serving at local ministry sites.


Q: Can I set up a summer internship for school as my job?

A: At U.S. locations where students have a summer job, you may be able to set up an internship in your field of study. This will need to be approved first by your trip leaders and cannot conflict with your responsibility to be at all activities. If you have skills in areas like administration, finances, computers, events planning, media and graphic skills, you may want to consider applying at locations like Crossroads and Colorado. Here, you will specifically use your gifts to meet critical needs in Cru offices to support our field ministry all over the world!


Q: What if I need to take classes this summer?

A: There actually may still be a way for you to take your classes and still go on one of our trips this summer. You could consider a shorter trip, taking your classes in Santa Monica or take Biblical classes on The Edge in Colorado. Or check out one of our shorter opportunities on the following pages:

1-2 week US summer mission trips

1-3 week international summer mission trips


Q: Who will I go with?

A: You will go with students from all over the US. Many times students from particular schools will plan on being together (in other words, start recruiting some friends to go with you). Trips will vary in size, both in the number of students and staff who will be with you, but all led by staff members who will give leadership and direction on your trip.


Q: Can I get training to reach people I have a heart for on my campus?

A: Whether you choose to apply for a U.S. or an international location you will return to your campus with greater understanding of how God wants to use you in this unique time of your life and with more skills to do just that.

If you already have a heart for a specific group on your campus, you will want to make sure you explore locations by ministry focus and see if there is a Summer Mission that is designed to uniquely equip you to do so.


Q: What is a summer staff intern position?

A: This role allows a student with significant Cru and ministry experience to take on a staff-type leadership position. You’ll work with the staff team to disciple students, plan and coordinate activities, and lead a Bible study. You’ll need to be confident in sharing your faith, because you’ll train others in doing this. This position will be your summer job, so no working at Burger King or Wendy’s if you take on this role. We suggest that you either have been on a Summer Mission with Cru previously or have been invited or encouraged to apply as an intern by a Cru staff member.


Q: How do I pay for the trip? How much will it cost? How do I raise support?

A: We understand that a trip like this can be expensive and seem cost-prohibitive. We encourage participants to raise funds for the entire cost of the trip as missionaries have been doing since Bible times. You are a a real missionary bringing the gospel to people for a summer! Once you go through the application process and receive acceptance, we’ll send you thorough information on how to ask people you know to be a partner in ministry with you this summer through prayer and financial support. You’ll be able to invite others—family, friends, fellow church members, etc.—to invest in expanding God’s kingdom as you go this summer. We’ll guide you with instructions. It is always encouraging to see God bring in the financial support that we need for both our staff and students! Be encouraged, every staff member with Cru in the world is responsible for building a team of ministry partners and God has done it over and over again. He continues to prove Himself faithful and gives abundantly beyond what you can imagine.

The cost of your trip will vary depending on length and location. The cost will include housing, a portion of your food costs, materials (Bible studies, notebooks, etc.), and some activities, such as socials or retreats. In addition to the cost that is already listed, you are able to raise additional support to cover your transportation to and from your location or briefing, supplies you bought to raise your support for the summer (save your receipts for stamps, copies, envelopes, etc.) and some other costs that your leadership will tell you about when you are accepted.

Each student on Summer Mission has the opportunity to grow their faith by trusting God to provide the financial resources needed to attend. God will provide for you to serve Him this summer!


The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth; you founded the world and all that is in it.
– Psalm 89:11
And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
– Philippians 4:19



Q: What do my parents need to know?

A: Visit our parents’ page for the answer to this question.


Q: How do I get my location?

A: You can drive; but, if you don’t have a car, don’t fret. You can connect with other students going to your location and ride with them. Many directors create a Facebook group, which is a great place to contact fellow participants. Or you can easily fly. No matter where you go, many students will have a car and will be kind enough to let you ride with them. Some housing is located nearby many job locations as well, so you may be able to walk to your summer job. If you’re going internationally, you’ll meet up with your team in the U.S. and then fly together to your destination.


Q: Where will I live?

A: Most participants are housed in a motel, guesthouse, fraternity house, or dorm-type situation for the summer. At other locations, you may live in apartments. Housing will be provided and is included in your cost. You’ll probably have several roommates who will hopefully get to know the REAL you!


Q: What about safety and medical needs overseas?

A: Safety is a priority for each of our teams. Each team will be given country specific safety guidelines before and after they arrive in country. The safety guidelines usually involve insight on traveling in country, going out at night, being alone, and so on. The guidelines are given by people who are very familiar with the specific country or who are natives to the country. The guidelines are to be strictly adhered to for the safety of everyone involved on the international summer mission.

We monitor locations that are experiencing unusual conditions and work to see that our staff and students are safe and the ministry they are engaged in is effective. We monitor several sources of information about these sites including the US State Department Travel page, SOS International Security site, trusted crisis professionals, other mission crisis managers, national and international news agencies, and trusted people who are in the country (including our staff). Each location have contingency and evacuation plans in place.

Most locations have adequate if not good medical facilities. In most cases you can get treatment, pay out of your own pocket, file a claim and then get reimbursed. If it is an emergency or a serious issue, you will leave the country to get adequate treatment in the best place possible. If it is an extreme emergency you will be air lifted out by our emergency evacuation service (a company called SOS). The leadership on each project will know how to handle these situations.


Q: Is Cru on my campus?

A: Find out where Cru has a ministry and how to connect on your campus.


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