About Summer Missions

Caleb's Summer Mission Story

I went on San Diego Summer Mission in 2014 and experienced God’s power through the support-raising process and the community on the mission. This year, I felt led to give students that same experience.

The way for me to do this was to return and serve as staff member with Cru on San Diego Summer Mission and on campus part-time the following school year.

The biggest obstacle I faced was knowing I had to raise support to be a part-time staff member with Cru and raise support for my mission in San Diego simultaneously. I had raised support once before, but this was totally different.

Before I had even applied to go to San Diego, God met me in my needs.
I was not aware at the time, but a family friend generously donated $2,500 toward my support in December. This was before I had even applied to be part-time staff in San Diego.

It was the exact amount that I needed to cover the expenses for San Diego.

In that moment, I felt God say, ‘I want you here, and I was planning this even before you were. I will provide.’ I suppose that was the turning point.

It was incredible! This has given me a lot of hope and motivation through this challenging process.

From there, I knew God would be with me through the double support raising process.

My times on summer missions have shown and affirmed me that God has called me into vocational ministry. I felt God say to me, ‘I want you on staff back home.’ He has completely changed my life from what I thought was being a music teacher to being what I never thought I would be: A teacher of God’s word.


Caleb attended a Summer Mission with Cru in San Diego in 2014 & 2015.

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