Becca's Summer Mission Story


“The work God is doing in one of the darkest places of the world has been so encouraging to see.”

My plan this summer was to save money, get an internship, complete my observation hours, hang out with my friends and get started with grad school preparation.

The turning point was one morning when I was spending time with God reading James 4. It talks about how we don’t know what tomorrow brings. If I'm not even promised tomorrow, why would I wait to follow God? Who knows if I will even have another opportunity.

I had a tugging on my heart to go on a missions trip but I said I’d wait until I graduated and then go once I didn't have to worry about college stuff. If God has called me to spend my summer for Him, then He will provide for me in numerous ways.

I decided I needed to give up my plans and instead follow God's leading. It was a scary but exciting decision.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of money I needed to raise, but through it all I was able to watch God be faithful to provide for me. From this, God was showing me more of his character and teaching me to trust him.

The hardest part of giving up my summer plans was worrying about the practical things. My summers in college are usually spent earning and saving up money that I will need for the school year. I knew that I might not be able to go shopping or eat out as much without having a summer job to pay for it. I wasn’t even sure how I was going to pay for my textbooks in the fall.

Trusting in God, I was also able to see Him provide for me by allowing me to keep my job at school for the month of May. Through this, I was able to save a little money to survive the upcoming year.

When examining the Gateway Summer Mission to South Asia, I couldn’t help but think about how I could help others and how God was going to work through me. What I didn't realize was the amazing ways that God was going to work in me and change my heart this summer.

Through Gateway, we built relationships and movements with not only college students but also with children whose mothers are involved with human trafficking. Instead of working a regular summer job, I had the opportunity to teach children the alphabet and teach women English while showing them all that God loves and cares about them.

It was a privilege and a blessing to see and be a small part of the work God is doing in one of the darkest places of the world.

He never said following Him would be easy, but after everything God has done for me, following Him is so worth it.


Becca attended Gateway in 2015.

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