Alexandra's Summer Mission Story

I did not ask God where He wanted me to go, this was my first mistake. I wasn't letting Him guide me to the possibility of exploring a location completely outside of my comfort zone. I was stumped because I felt that if God was calling me to an overseas mission, then He would remove the obstacles.

I thought it couldn’t work because the dates for the missions I was considering conflicted with the classes I needed to take. I decided my upcoming summer was going to be for me; I would stay local, work and go to school.

But my plan wasn’t His plan.

The Lord convicted me of that almost instantly at winter conference. I knew God was speaking to me directly, to make that leap of faith and trust Him to take me out of my comfort zone into a different country. Because soon after I found Costa Rica.

I am trilingual (Spanish, English and French), so I wanted to go somewhere where I may be able to use my gifts to share the gospel for His glory.

I was almost scared of it. I've never shared the gospel in Spanish before, so I feared not doing it justice. I am constantly needing to remind myself that God does all the speaking and I am the instrument He uses, therefore I cannot mess it up.

Once I let go of my tight grip on my summer plans, my choice of mission and my educational plans (which I often idolize) the Lord strategically and divinely aligned it all in His time.

I'm excited that He wants me to be a small part of what He has planned this summer for Costa Rica.


Alexandra attended a Summer Mission with Cru in Costa Rica in 2015.

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