Cru knows you. Cru knows missions.

This summer, thousands of students will go around the world on a Summer Mission with Cru. They will see God move with their own eyes – and through their own lives.

As the largest missionary organization in the world, Cru knows how to prepare you, and send you to be effective. Cru’s full-time staff missionaries don’t just lead the trip, but also focus on pouring into you as you pour into others – guiding you, training and encouraging you. Our expertise with college students merge with our global ministry partnerships to form a summer that is significant to both you and the local ministries.

On a Summer Mission with Cru, you will:

  • Go with a team of other college students
  • Grow Closer to God
  • Experience the meaning of community
  • Bring the Gospel to people who need Jesus
  • See the world through God’s eyes
  • Learn to articulate the Gospel to anybody, anywhere

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This is your opportunity to see and hear God at work.


There are so many places where you can invest your summer.



You love your children and you want details.


Can't get away this summer? Join us for Summer Connect

Can't get away this summer? Join us for Summer Connect

Summer Connect was built to help you have a supernatural summer wherever the Lord has you. Whether you’ve got an internship, summer job, or you’re stuck in your parent’s basement, you can be involved in live weekly meetings, small group Bible studies, outreach opportunities, and training for life and ministry.


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