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Spiritual Disciplines



Pace. I have a complicated relationship with this word. When I hear this word, I think of restraint. I don’t like to be restrained. In both my personal life and my career, I am known for my efficiency. When something just has to get done, I am the one called to finish it off. In […]

Stones of Remembrance

I have twin boys who just turned 16 last month. My wife is the one who always tries to make sure they feel special on their birthday. She often does this by decorating the house with confetti, banners, balloons and other Happy birthday paraphernalia on their special day. This year, she got a banner from […]

I know so much yet don’t know anything

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all that there is to know and do and that it’s impossible to keep track of what is really important? In the modern age, we are exposed to so much so quickly. We can know what is going on anywhere around the world at any given time. If I […]