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General Trip Info
Trip ID: 477
Location: New York, NY
Global Region: North America
Sending Ministry Division: College Ministry of Cru
Open To New Applicants: No
Start Date: May 30, 2024
End Date: June 22, 2024
Length: 3 weeks
Cost: $4,200.00
Can a student get a job?: No
Cru Internship?: No
Major Or Career: Any

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New York City Summer Mission


This Trip Is Full

One out of every fifteen people in America lives in the New York City metro area. NYC is undeniably the leader in finance, art, politics and business. Think Wall Street, the United Nations, Park Avenue, Broadway/Times Square. Although it is huge, it is also a city of small neighborhoods … The Village, Bushwick, Tribeca, Astoria… each has its own unique personality and vibe. And each is only a walk, subway or bus ride away.

New Yorkers speak over 170 languages. They come from all over the world and make an impact throughout the entire world. When you come to NYC, you can reach the nations without ever having a passport.

Behind all glitter is a city steeped in poverty and immense need. New Yorkers have all been through great tragedy, but they are survivors!
Come to NYC, and reach the nations!

Involved Cru Teams

Clemson University Team, Cru Queens, New York City – Brooklyn Team, New York City – Manhattan Team, Oregon State University Team, South Carolina Low Country Metro Team, University of Georgia Team, University of North Carolina – Wilmington Team, Western Kentucky University Team