Why Cru? What's a Summer Mission like? What will I do?

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Where can I go on Summer Mission?

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I'm interested ... and ready to apply!


For Parents

Who is Cru? What are Summer Missions and what do I need to know before my student goes?

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Have your Summer Missions questions answered!

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Let's Go!


Walk past the gift shops and into the hearts of people.

This is an experience you can't get being a tourist. Instead, you'll listen to people's dreams and fears. You'll hear their reality. You bring them hope through Jesus.

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How can I trust God to go when raising financial support seems hard or weird?

There are biblical reasons for raising financial support. It's good for you and for those supporting you!

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How can I trust God to go when I need money for tuition and living expenses?

There are options for stateside Summer Missions where you can get a local job. Also, college credit internships are available.

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Let's find purpose in your profession.

Let's transform the way you think about work this summer. It's no longer punching in, getting things done, and then clocking out. On some Summer Missions with Cru across the US you get a job—not only to make money—but also to make an impact at your workplace.

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