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Transition to motherhood broke me

When the pressures of parenting crushed this young mother, read how she picked herself up and swallowed her pride.

No Child Left Behind In Singapore

Compelled by grace, Jon, Amanda and Michelle embarked on a life-changing journey that led to the birth of ReadAble.

Grooving to God’s heartbeat

Up-close-and-personal with ForeRunner’s Team Leader

Unshakeable joy

How a couple shook off shackles of mourning to embrace their seasons in life

Embracing my husband’s calling

Seeing missions through the lenses of a missionary’s wife.

Helping creatives marry art and faith

Can art create any tangible good for society? Is art and faith likened to water and oil–they can never mix?

Making disciples on campuses

Cru’s commitment to help every campus disciple discover the beauty–and cost–of discipleship

Broken For A Higher Call

How do you find significance in midst of tragedy? What if your greatest tragedy becomes the greatest turning point in your life?

Life Coaching That Makes A Difference

Meet Tricia, who has found her calling to help women and young adults live purposefully through life coaching.

Taking Christ’s Love To The Streets

Read how 8-Day Challenge participants took Christ's love to the streets in the wee hours of the morning!

Learning To Expect The Unexpected

Amanda took a path less travelled, and ended up on an unexpected journey.

Hello From Ulaanbaatar!

This young millennial gave up her cushy urban life for a stint in Mongolia. What is it like to walk a path less travelled?

Strength in Weakness. Ambassador for Christ

Rebecca Kwa from Cru Singapore Campus Ministry forsook a potentially lucrative career trajectory to be a mentor for youths and young adults.

Finding Hope Amid Childlessness

How does one cope with childlessness? What if one faces disappointment after disappointment?

Water For Life, Hope For The Future

Take a peek into Cru Singapore's water programme in rural Asia.

Juggle missions with marketplace work? Why not?

Hear how this girl quietly became Singapore's new missions trailblazer.

A Promise Made and a Promise Made Good

Singapore's "Gangster Lawyer" Josephus Tan's promise to God shaped him to be the mentor he is today.

Bigger Than The Singaporean Dream

Unfazed by life circumstances, Jiamin bravely chose a path radically different from her contemporaries. After 4 years and 31 countries on board Doulos, her life is no longer the same.

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