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Hi there, Christian student! What makes for your ideal campus life?

Topping the bell curve? Going on exchange? Maximising your hall life with late night suppers, midnight trainings and overnight HTHTs (heart-to-heart-talks)?  

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What are you looking for in a Christian fellowship group on your school?

The Campus Ministry is a community of like-hearted students with a passion to follow Jesus–while helping others find Jesus.

Together, learn to read the Bible through fresh lenses. Be exposed to global missions. The annual equipping conferences are designed to help you talk about your faith and learn to mentor others to grow in their walk with Jesus, just like you have.

Come as you are. Live the message of Jesus Christ. Reach our world together.

Campus Stories

Learning To Expect The Unexpected

Amanda took a path less travelled, and ended up on an unexpected journey.

Strength in Weakness. Ambassador for Christ

Rebecca Kwa from Cru Singapore Campus Ministry forsook a potentially lucrative career trajectory to be a mentor for youths and young adults.

From suicide to a Savior

Jackie told Emma about her own attempted suicide, but also about the hope that changed her.

Why students lose their faith in college

A growing trend reveals that college freshmen aren’t just preparing a goodbye speech to their families, but to their faith as well.


Connect with Christian community; grow your faith. Find a local Cru community today!

RevUp Student Missions

The best time to go on a mission trip is while you're still a student. Find out how we'll make sure you return better than when you were sent on your missions project.

Leadership Training Institute

A progressive training platform for campus students. Organised by Cru Singapore with a vision to see Christ-centred multiplying disciples reaching others for Christ, fulfilling the Great Commission wherever they go.


Cru has been on campuses for over 60 years, helping students come to know Jesus, grow in their faith and then go to their families, their communities and all over the world to tell others about God’s love.

Ministering To Gen Z

Shepherding our Gen Zs in Church takes more than just strategies and programmes.

Living Uni Life to the Fullest with Less on Your Plate

Pulled in all directions, Ashley was near burnout by the end of freshman year. Learn about her journey towards a more fulfilling life on campus.

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