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Missionary Kid Turned Missionary

Josephine on a summer mission trip to Albania (middle of the group)

Meet Josephine Loh, Cru Singapore’s youngest STINTer moving over to Budapest to serve with MK2MK (Missionary Kid 2 Missionary Kid), a Cru ministry.

We caught up with her right before she left Singapore to hear what she has to say about stepping up to be a leader and missionary to Hungary.  


How would you describe the MK2MK community and its impact on you?

I really learnt to make my faith my own through MK2MK. Being a missionary kid (MK), one struggle I had was knowing what my faith was and making it my own rather than my parents’.

I remember in Tokyo, going to church with my parents, seeing them do ministry and helping them when I was young—and though I’m thankful ministry was part of my childhood, I realised it was because of my parents.

That changed when I decided to go on my first summer mission trip to Nepal and learnt how to make my faith my own. It was also through this trip that I found this community that understands me.

It’s truly a unique community because we come from all parts of the world with so many experiences, but we relate so much to being MKs.

I think the struggles we go through help us relate to each other—struggles of transition, of moving in life. The different griefs MKs share with losing a home or losing friends because we have to move.


MK2MK in South Africa

What made you want to start leading and discipling others in MK2MK?  

I found my passion for discipleship and mentoring younger girls who were growing up as MKs in 2017. I felt called to go on that year’s five-week summer mission trip to Albania and even though I didn’t feel equipped at all, God really worked through that.

Even after, I was able to keep in touch with some of the younger girls I met on the trip. Hearing about their lives and how some went back to Thailand or America and started their own Bible studies, or their own ministries showed me the effect that MK2MK has.

It expands beyond the mission trip or conference and showed me how crucial MK2MK is for reaching the younger generation and non-Christians through the hands of missionary kids.

Just seeing that, I felt my passion for discipleship and really wanted to see it grow. And it’s what made me decide to do the internship, that really grew and equipped me to disciple younger MKs.


MK2MK 2018 College Interns

What is your heart for MK2MK?

Firstly, discipleship and growth for the individual. My main heart is to be able to relate to these younger MKs and to disciple them to take ownership of their own faith and share it with others. And for God to use me, even for just one girl who was struggling through something, to be there for her.

Secondly, is to see MK2MK grow in diversity. We’ve been able to reach a lot of US MKs, but now to start reaching European MKs, or Asian MKs. On the Albania trip in 2017, there was a conversation that struck me and made me realise how important it is for young girls and boys to look at leadership and see someone they can relate to.

An Asian American girl, who had connected a lot with me over the summer came up to me, and said that seeing me lead made her feel like she could lead as well. I hope to see more of this in the future, because everyone should see that they can also be leaders in the future.


Vacation Bible School Ministry in South Africa

What do you hope to see in your coming season in Budapest?

My hope is to increase the capacity of the team there through my strengths and skills, but also to learn and grow more in Christ. I also hope to connect with more MKs and see the gospel spread there. 


What has been your main takeaway in your journey with God?

He’s always provided. Before graduating, He spoke to me and said He will sustain me. This means that He will always provide for me what I need, at the time. That’s also what helped me decide on this, and what I’ve been holding onto when I get worried.

Looking back when I was worried about finances and visa issues, He provided people who logistically looked out for me then. They got me to where I am now.

Thinking about it, it doesn't make sense that a Singaporean is working for a US ministry in Europe. But it’s confirmation that this is where God wants me right now, because He made a lot of different parts fit together and work out.


Join Josephine on her journey as she and her team builds up the MK2MK Budapest base. Reach out to us at for details on how to give.

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