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Making disciples on campuses

Cru’s commitment to help every campus disciple discover the beauty–and cost–of discipleship

Campuses of today have been vastly transformed from yesteryears. From holistic student support services, dazzling career options to ever-changing education technology, campuses are a dynamic place to both work and serve in.

Yet, our local campus chapters have also discovered that nothing replaces the necessity for genuine love and life-on-life discipleship in ministry. Gospel-centric transformations leading to caring communities and Christ-like mentors are still fundamental to spiritual multiplication.

We decided to have a chat with Chua Shan En (the first person from the left in the picture above), a third-year Economics student, also one of our key leaders for SMU Cru, to hear his own discipleship journey. 


Hello Shan En! Just curious, when and how did you become more involved in SMU Cru?

It started in 2017 SMU Cru Freshmen Orientation Camp where I was a facilitator. After which, I started going for more Discipleship Group (DG) and JUMP sessions (*JUMP is a time when all SMU Cru DGs will gather for a combined time of learning and prayer).

As I started coming to Cru more regularly, I gradually saw the love and like-mindedness of people in this community. Turning up in this Christ-centred community became a form of rest for me.

It’s just like what Jesus had said in the Gospel of Matthew, 11:28-30:

“Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Any extra commitment on top of the school workload can seem like a ‘yoke’ for any SMU student. Yet, as I experience the love of Christ through fellow Christians in SMU, I’ve found rest amid the busy campus life.


SMU campus staff and student leaders (2018)



Could you share with us how God has used SMU Cru to change you?

Prior to entering SMU, I don’t really share the gospel. Through Cru, God opened my eyes to how important evangelism is. Initially, I was terrified of talking to people about Jesus. But when we do it together as a community, it is not difficult at all.

And the best thing: there’s great joy that comes with sharing the most incredible piece of good news to others!

Cru’s rich legacy as a missions organisation also allows local campus chapters to be plugged into a vast network of opportunities for short-term missions. This year, I had the privilege of going to Taiwan with Cru members from other campuses to reach out to the students over there.


Campus missions is not something that local churches are often involved in. Do share with us what do you guys do on such trips.

For effective long-term impact, we partnered the Cru chapter in that city to hold outreach sessions. Not only do we want to be conduits of love to the local students, we also want to get connected to Christians who have similar passions about discipleship and evangelism.

One morning in Taiwan, my buddy and I found ourselves looking at an incoming crowd of students who just finished lessons. Instinctively, we walked away, fearful of interacting with so many of them at one go. Just as we were about to enter the stairwell, I recalled our team devotion that morning, based on 2 Timothy 1:7.

I told my buddy, “I think we need to face our fears, and learn to trust God for things beyond our expectations.”

With renewed courage, my buddy and I walked back and weaved through the crowd. By the end of the morning, we got ourselves connected to four Christians who were keen to find out more.


Cru is all about discipleship, evangelism and missions. How was it like getting a taste of discipleship through a discipleship group (DG)?

Being discipled by my discipler Jonathan Sam, and being part of a DG is definitely one of my greatest joys in SMU.

In almost every DG session, I’d at least gain one new insight about God and the Bible. I’ve also learnt the importance of studying the Bible carefully and that the pursuit to know more about the Word is a never-ending journey.


SMU students enjoyed a simple meal together



We understand that you’ve since become a discipler (spiritual multiplier) yourself. How’s it been?

Even though I’ve only been a spiritual multiplier (SM) for a little more than half a semester, I realise that discipling others is not easy and can be disheartening at times.

Nonetheless, I’ve learnt that our focus as disciplers should be God and not our own expectations for ourselves, God or others. Discipleship is a meaningful privilege.

No matter where we go, Christians are called to disciple others. Let’s embrace this lifelong call of spiritual multiplication as Christ’s disciples together!

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