Hear from Leadership Mentor, Lam Kok Hiang, as he shares his experience and heart with us through these short devotional reflections

Leading with a Limp

Jacob’s physical limp was a constant reminder to him of his own brokenness and limitations. He no longer ran ahead or away from God. He learnt to fulfil God’s calling and purpose for his life, despite walking with a limp.

When I Grow Old and Gray the psalmist, we need not allow old age or adversity to embitter us. Though he was cognizant of his troubles and feared being forsaken by God, he resolved to remain faithful. Psalm 71 offers guidance on how to reframe our attitudes and responses to life and to God as we grow old and gray.

Living Holy Lives

The call to stay holy is a lifelong commitment to walk in the ways of God. Our God is a holy God, and He commands us to be like Him. As we begin a new year, let us make a resolution to stay holy in our walk and worship of God.

Kindred Friendships

Human beings are social by nature and have a fundamental need to interact with fellow humans for our existence and development. Our identity and sense of belonging are heightened when we are connected to kindred friends who understand and accept us for who we are.

Give Thanks for He Is Good

As it is in life, we have also had our share of disappointments, hard times, and low points this year. Remember that God is always with us and helping us (Psalm 118:7), and that His goodness and love never quits (v.29, MSG). Choosing to give thanks in spite of the circumstances and how we may feel, expresses our trust in God.

The Gaps in our Lives

In this world of self-inflated egos and self-serving motives, many of us are inclined to think of ourselves as better than who we really are. Read more on several gaps that we need to pay attention on.

Living Authentically

As Christians, do we sometimes put up a false front? This can happen when we, in our weakness, inflate our self-importance to impress others or we lead a double life to hide our true self and identity. The gap between our true self and public persona can deceive others and ourselves.

The Call To Remember God

We sometimes forget what we read during our devotional time the day before. Even when God answers our prayers and has shown Himself to be faithful, we may still forget about His goodness, provision and deliverance over time, and fail to trust in Him.

Loving with a Bruised Heart

This month’s article is written by Sharon Lam, in conjunction with Mother’s Day. Discover ways on how to deal with our hurts on the weights of worry and many more.

Staying Fresh and Green

Christian maturity is not measured by how long we have been a Christian, but how deep our relationship is, as evidenced by the spiritual fruit we bear. Discover more if you read on this article.

Creating Selah Moments

Did you know that the word “Selah” appears seventy-one times in Psalms, the unofficial song and poetry book of the Bible? Click to find out more about how Kok Hiang spends his Selah moments and a ministry update from the Missions Team.

Staying Spiritually Alert

Do you want to know how to stay spiritually alert? Here are some of the tips and advice for you to stay alert in your life of faith at Cru Singapore!

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