Hear from Leadership Mentor, Lam Kok Hiang, as he shares his experience and heart with us through these short devotional reflections

Loving with a Bruised Heart

This month’s article is written by Sharon Lam, in conjunction with Mother’s Day. Discover ways on how to deal with our hurts on the weights of worry and many more.

Staying Fresh and Green

Christian maturity is not measured by how long we have been a Christian, but how deep our relationship is, as evidenced by the spiritual fruit we bear. Discover more if you read on this article.

Creating Selah Moments

Did you know that the word “Selah” appears seventy-one times in Psalms, the unofficial song and poetry book of the Bible? Click to find out more about how Kok Hiang spends his Selah moments and a ministry update from the Missions Team.

Staying Spiritually Alert

Do you want to know how to stay spiritually alert? Here are some of the tips and advice for you to stay alert in your life of faith at Cru Singapore!

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