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An Adventure with God

How one NTU graduate blends art with faith and career

“I sometimes feel like I am entering into an adventure with God,” new staff Samantha Cheong muses. “Joining Crea as staff was never part of my plans.” Yet looking back, Samantha recognises how God had been preparing her for this very point in her life. 

Samantha joined Cru Singapore’s Crea ministry as a Music and Media Executive in October 2022. She will support the worship team in evangelistic concerts, mission trips, and songwriting. She will also be designing materials for various events and be involved in discipleship opportunities. Field ministry wise, she will continue to create YouTube content and run her small art shop to engage culture. 

All this was unimaginable for Samantha when she was still a student at NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media. Though she was heavily involved in art through her studies and with Crea’s discipleship group on campus, Samantha struggled with imposter syndrome. “I had no prior experience in art, other than doing some calligraphy and watercolour paintings one year before applying to my university. I have always been (more) interested in music.” 

Yet, God opened the door for her. All her applications to other schools were rejected, except for this. Eventually, Samantha chose to major in design because she enjoyed the problem-solving aspect and felt that it suited her interests the most.

Samantha (second from left) with the Singapore team at the arts residency programme

The turning point came during a Crea Arts Residency programme in East Asia. Through interacting with the local artists, she saw how they naturally incorporated faith and art into their lives. In that sacred, extended time with God, Samantha found herself picking up her guitar and wrote a song that remains close to her heart till this day. Her heart had softened and for the first time, she realised that music, art and faith could go hand in hand.

As she sought God during a gap year after graduation, Samantha found God calling her to give her talents, treasure and most importantly, her heart back to Him. "Even though there is a lot of brokenness in my past, I could use it to tell my story - God’s story of His work in my life - to bring God glory and praise."

“The challenge would be to get more people to understand that the arts play a big role in shaping culture. These Christian creatives that Crea is called to reach are also important people in God’s heart that He wants to grow, love, and eventually use to shine His glory into the prevalent art and music culture.”

We live in a world where media and music are huge influences. Imagine if artists and musicians know Jesus and live out His love and truth through their lives and work, how powerful can that be!


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