Standing together for the Gospel

We remain dedicated in helping the fulfilment of the Great Commission. It is a mammoth task, and we thank God that you continue to choose to partner with us to stand Together for the Gospel.

Let us #GO!

The famous RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912. She collided with an iceberg while making her maiden voyage to the United States. While many people may feel that it was the iceberg that caused the disaster, there was another contributing factor: the sailor on the lookout was not able to spot the iceberg in time.

God’s Way May Not Always be the Shortest!

God neither led the Israelites through the shortest way to their destination nor gave them a smooth journey. Instead, they had to overcome obstacles and enemies along a longer route. Why would God lead the Israelites on a longer path to the Promised Land? Is not the shortest and fastest way the best one?

Make Disciples Everywhere

In 2022, Cru Singapore celebrated our 50th anniversary. We thank God for His faithfulness to Cru Singapore as we recalled His Story, His Glory.

Are You #READY for Easter?

This Easter, let's trust God for meaningful connections on your mobile phones.

Building Strong Communities

Giving thanks for a year of building strong communities in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Despite difficult circumstances, God still moves.

The Turning Point

Find out the journey of our incoming National Director, Goh Hock Chye, that led to him assuming this great leadership responsibility.

Staying the Course

Staying the course requires us to remain faithful to our calling and mission. Especially during this time of transition, this is exactly what Cru Singapore intends to do.

Sailing Into the Storm

With various storms that seem to be swirling around us, what is the perspective that we should be taking through this?

Lord, I Need an Answer!

In matters concerning life and faith, we often have more questions than answers. How do we respond when God stays silent, or does not give us the answers we want?

Changing the Way We Think

There is a battle that is waging for our minds. Do we need to start changing what we are allowing in to our thought life?

Redeeming Our Families

Let's use this circuit breaker to love and care for those closest to us. Discover effective and efficient ways to redeem our families with Cru Singapore!

Need a Heart Transplant, Anyone?

God knows the true condition of our hearts. Asking God to restore your stubborn and hardened heart is an important step towards spiritual growth. Learn more with this insightful article from Cru Singapore!

No More Lonely Nights

How do we protect our peace from the anxiety and worries that we face?

Peace for the Troubled Soul

In times of trouble, how do we access God's promise of peace that surpasses all understanding?

What does an invitation from God look like?

Some thing to think about in seasons of endless party invitations.

Life's Greatest "Show and Tell"

What do people see in us? What we “show and tell” in our lives to those around us unveil the state of our hearts.

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

Find out how god moves in mysterious ways at Cru Singapore. Our blog offers spiritual insights and stories that will encourage you on your faith journey!

For How Long, O Lord?

When waiting gets agonising, how should one respond? How can one remain hopeful?

From Fear To Faith

What can we do in the face of fear?

Planning for a heavenly party

The beauty of earthly celebrations offers us a glimpse into the grander parties in heaven.

Battling the voices in our hearts

What voices are you currently hearing in your hearts right now? Read how Kok Hiang battles the voice of discouragement and negativity.

What's Hanging On Your Door?

How a door sign led me to think about the condition of my heart.

Handling Life's Disruptions

Discover practical tips and strategies for handling life's disruptions. Learn how to adapt, cope, and overcome challenges with resilience and strength.

Returning To The Good Old Days

How is your new year going to be? It's often a choice between letting our zealous past be a distant memory or returning to God with a renewed devotion. What does Chapter 2 of Jeremiah have to say about this?

Is It Worth It?

A reflection on the cost of our faith.

God's Preoccupation With Us

Amid our busy schedules, let's take a pause to behold a God who is constantly thinking about us.

Turning Sorrow to Songs of Joy

Thanksgiving, an occasion traditionally celebrated in North America, is a timely reminder to be thankful. When things are not going as well, however, we struggle to find reasons to thank Him.

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