Pursue the relationships that matter most

Pursue the relationships that matter most

Your family is important. Despite your current circumstances or your family history, God is able to transform your situation. Whether you are looking to strengthen your marriage, or hoping to learn how to build a strong relationship with your child, we are here to help.

Our Mission

To effectively develop Christ-centred marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

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The preparation for marriage is first of all spiritual. A man and a woman must find a mutually agreeable and a mutually-binding way of life centred in Christ.



A couple either strives or thrives through the seasons of life together. Through life’s challenges, couples can thrive, reorienting to God's purpose, design and resources for their marriage.



Every mother needs to be encouraged and inspired in their journeys, whichever season they are in. WOW MOM offers a community – a safe place to connect with, and provide support and encouragement for fellow mothers.



A group of men moving to Christ, who go on to move other men to Christ.



Parenting is a noble task involving the nurturing of our children toward healthy independence and lives well lived. Yet, many of us are uncertain about how this may be achieved.


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FamilyLife ministry is a specialized area of ministry within a religious organization that is focused on supporting and strengthening families within the community. The purpose of family life ministry is to provide resources, education, and support to help families navigate the challenges of life and grow in their relationships with each other and with their faith.

The specific goals of family life ministry may vary depending on the religious organization and community, but some common objectives include:

  • Providing education and resources for parenting and family life
  • Supporting and strengthening marriages and relationships
  • Offering counseling and support for families experiencing difficulties or crisis situations
  • Creating a sense of community and fellowship among families within the congregation
  • Encouraging families to live out their faith in practical ways within their homes and communities
  • Offering opportunities for spiritual growth and formation for families
  • Providing outreach to families in the wider community who may be in need of support or assistance

Overall, the purpose of family life ministry is to help families thrive and flourish in all aspects of their lives, including their relationships with each other, their faith, and their broader community.

At Cru FamilyLife, we understand there is a gap between the intention we have for our families and what we actually experience in life. Too often, our relationships fall short of what we desire them to be.

But this is not what we were made for. Instead, we believe God made us to live in a perfect community with Him and each other. We believe God’s word offers insight for us to bridge the gap — to make our intentions match the reality of our relationships. To that end, we create content and experiences to help families pursue what matters most and grow more fulfilling connections with God, each other, and their communities.

Cru FamilyLife exists to help families grow together and impact their corner of the world. We believe family is the greatest untapped resource for bringing good to the world.

The mission of Cru FamilyLife is to effectively develop Christ-centered marriages and families who change the world one home at a time. And it is our vision to see every home a godly home.

FamilyLife Singapore ministry provides resources, education, and support to help families navigate the challenges of life and grow in their relationships with each other and with their faith in Jesus Christ through the following 5 sub-ministries:

  1. Pre-marrieds: To help engaged couples lay strong biblical foundations and acquire relational skills to build a distinctively Christian marriage. FamilyLife Singapore offers marriage preparation course.
  2. Marrieds: To develop Christ-centered marriages which leave a lasting legacy and impact the world. FamilyLife Singapore provides marriage resources as well as organizes marriage retreats and couples small groups.
  3. Parents: To guide parents in making faith core to their parenting with biblical instruction and Christ-centered plans that aim childrens’ hearts toward God and others. FamilyLife Singapore provides parenting resources as well as organizes parenting small groups and webinars.
  4. Mothers: To nurture moms to be godly wives and mothers by affirming their worth in Christ and equipping them to help fulfill the Great Commission in their families and beyond. FamilyLife Singapore has mothers’ small groups, evangelistic webinars and family activities.
  5. Men: To activate a manhood of tenacity, transparency, and godly courage for leadership at home, work, and in communities. FamilyLife Singapore provides men’s resources and organizes small groups for men.

Family ministry in the church refers to the various programs, activities, and initiatives that a church or religious organization provides to support families in their spiritual growth and development. The goal of family ministry is to help families deepen their faith, strengthen their relationships with each other and with God, and equip them to meet the needs of their community.

Family ministry in the church may take many forms, depending on the needs and interests of the families being served. FamilyLife Cru seeks to augment the church’s efforts wherever possible with our varied offerings:

  1. Youth: Our Passport2Purity® (P2P) resource facilitates heart-to-heart communication with your preteen to lay a foundation of purity that will prepare them for the turbulent years ahead while our Passport2Identity (P2I) resource helps you prepare your teen for adulthood through developing a strong faith foundation.
  2. Men: Our STEPPING UP video series dives deep into the topic of biblical manhood, calling for every man to reject passivity and step up to lead.
  3. Pre-marrieds: Our Marriage Preparation Course aims to help couples lay strong biblical foundations for their marriage as well as equip them with practical skills and knowledge to better prepare for life together as husband and wife.
  4. Marrieds: Our Art of Marriage Retreat, Art of Marriage Connect, and Vertical Marriage small group series provide resources and support for couples to help them strengthen their relationships and grow in their faith together.
  5. Mothers: We desire to affirm mothers of their great worth in Christ and equip them to be godly wives and mothers who can be engaged in helping to fulfill the Great Commission.
  6. Parents: Our Art of Parenting™' video series is designed to help parents raise their children in a way that is grounded in faith, while building strong family relationships.
  7. Family events and activities: Our Family Service Projects organizes creation care activities to provide opportunities for families to spend time together and put their faith into action.

Overall, family ministry in the church is designed to (1)help families build strong, healthy relationships with each other and with God, (2)support them as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of daily life and (3)equip them to serve the community.

At Cru FamilyLife, we believe that marriage and family life are two interconnected aspects of human relationships that are essential for the well-being and flourishing of individuals and society as a whole.

Christians approach marriage (of one man and one woman) as a covenant, a relationship based on promises and a lifelong commitment, not just feelings—though love is most certainly involved. It is intentionally centered on Jesus Christ and each spouse continuously works to know, love, and obey Jesus, and to follow his example in living out their marital vows faithfully and sacrificially to the glory of God. This provides a stable and solid framework for providing mutual joy, the procreation of children and contributing to the good of society.

Family life refers to the various relationships, roles, and responsibilities that are involved in creating and sustaining a family unit. This includes relationships between spouses, parents and children, siblings, and extended family members. Family life involves a complex web of interactions and dynamics, and it requires ongoing communication, negotiation, and adaptation to changing circumstances.

Marriage and family life are interconnected because marriage provides the foundation for building a family, and family life provides the context in which individuals develop their sense of identity, values, and relationship skills.

A healthy and thriving family life is characterized by love, respect, support, and cooperation among family members and it provides a safe place where children can experience God’s love (through their parents), grow in faith, and learn how to love other people.

At Cru FamilyLife, we believe that family is important in Singaporean society, and it plays a central role in shaping the values, beliefs, and behaviors of individuals and communities. Two possible reasons for the importance of family in Singapore are:

Stability and Support: Family is the most basic unit that provides a strong foundation for stability and support for individuals in Singapore. Strong family ties help to foster a sense of belonging and community, and they provide a safety net for individuals during challenging times. A family that builds its values on Christian principles would also find strength and comfort from God through the ups and downs of life.

Parenting of children: The parents in each family unit play a critical role in teaching and training their children. Parents are responsible for teaching their children about God and His ways. Cru FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™' video series is designed to help parents raise their children in a way that is grounded in faith, while building strong family relationships. Parents can consider equipping themselves by going through the Art of Parenting™.

At Cru FamilyLife, we believe that family is important to our society for a variety of reasons. Three possible reasons are below:

Loving our neighbor: Family provides the first and most important context for giving and receiving love. Christian parents teach children by first modeling it in the husband-and-wife relationship and how the parents treat people outside the family.

Emotional support: Family provides emotional support, which is important for overall well-being. In a close-knitted family, when individuals experience stress or challenging circumstances, they can turn to their family members for comfort and support. Family members can in turn help point each other to find their source of strength and hope in God.

Care for the vulnerable: Family is often responsible for the care of vulnerable members of society, including children, elderly individuals, and those with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Cru Singapore is a passionate and committed collective of people, devoted to unlocking each individual's potential while deepening their relationship with God through mission trips, campus ministry initiatives, discipleship training and more. We proudly provide programs for families, leadership trainings and career opportunities for those who are keen on applying their God-given skills to help others. Join us on our journey of purpose!


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