Sharing the Gospel

Who have you been called to reach?

We may still be experiencing socially distanced activity, but it doesn't mean that we are disconnected. Who has God called you to reach out to?

Exploring New Ways of Evangelism

The concept of digital evangelism is probably difficult for most to fathom. How can we meet new contacts and build relationships purely through online communication? Read on to find out how Cru's outreach efforts took a creative turn to explore this possibility as face-to-face interactions and opportunities to meet new contacts decreased drastically.

Missionaries in Covid times: Grounded in Singapore

Hear some experiences from the missionaries who found themselves unexpectedly stationed in Singapore during this time, and how they continue to reach out in their ministries amid uncertainty.

Why Trust the Bible?

In this first keynote session of 'ReFRESH Asia: Ready for Uni?', an RZIM x Cru Conference webinar, we hear from RZIM speaker, Alex Stark, as he shares more with us - Why Trust the Bible?

The Importance of the Resurrection

The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?

Disrupting Missions for Good

Meet Singapore's digital strategists at the forefront of digital revolution in global missions

Navigating the Nuances of Japanese Culture in Missions

We take a closer look at the cultural intricacies in the Land of the Rising Sun, and explore how mission teams can best understand and connect with the Japanese people.

Prayer, Care and Share

Learning ways to include evangelism in your daily life.

Why it Pays to be Absolute about Truth

Even when everyone else is absolutely sure it doesn’t exist! The idea of absolute truth has fallen on hard times. Claiming something is really true is not only unpopular, it is often considered foolish, arrogant, and even immoral. In such a hostile climate, many Christians are hesitant to pay the cultural price for clinging to the concept of absolute truth.

Why Apologetics is Critical for Campus Evangelism

It is both startling and unsurprising that Singaporeans youths are shunning religion, with 23% of 15-25 years old indicating “no religion” in a 2015 General Household Survey conducted by Department of Statistics. If our culture is one in which Christianity is seen as disproven, requires blind faith, or just another way of living, then there will be a lack of openness in listening to the Gospel and people will be apathetic to Christianity.

4 Phrases Christians Need to Stop Saying

We’ve adopted four sayings into our everyday verbiage that may offer less biblical truth than we think.

Evangelism Without a Bullhorn

What does it really look like to obey Jesus’ command to spread the gospel?

An Evangelism Tool You Already Have

As believers, each of us has our own story: the story of how we met Jesus. When combined with our desire to tell others about Him, we have a powerful, versatile and meaningful way to connect others with the very heart of God.

Why You're Losing the Thinking Man's Battle

The American church is sorely lacking in its ability to equip believers intellectually for the battle this world is currently waging.

The Secret of 2 Questions

Starting a life-changing conversation is easier than you think and you can do it anywhere.

Community 2:8 (Evangelistic Community)

Our incredibly high ratio of exposures to involved new believers has left me longing for our evangelistic approaches to be not only successful, but also effective.

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