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Juggle missions with marketplace work? Why not?

Meet Sarah Tso, a speech therapist, author and lover of missions.

We often ask, “Is the appetite for missions waning among young adults these days?”

“Life is not meant to be wasted,” says Sarah, “It should always be spent on things that count‑—things that give life, things of eternal value.”

Preach it, sister.

It all started from her time as a student

This 29 year-old dynamo hails from Yishun Christian Church (Anglican). Her unassuming, cheerful demeanour hides a steely resolve to love as Christ loved.

Ever since Sarah went on a RevUp* trip to Cambodia in 2011, she fell in love with the people group she was reaching out to.


Prayer time with Cambodian campus believers.

Upon returning, she kept in contact with both local believers and seekers over Facebook and WhatsApp. Since then, she’s been back almost every year. Each time, without fail, she joins Cambodia Campus Crusade for Christ for campus outreach and discipleship trainings.

“My highlight is to see students actually coming to know Christ on these trips. The students are beginning to ask great questions about religion and the meaning of life.”

“This is definitely more fulfilling for me than spending my leave to go on holidays elsewhere.”

Taking her time to choose

Part of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Cru since her freshmen year, the Biological Sciences undergraduate then, became interested in careers that directly help people.

“I asked myself if I was running away from the corporate environment and choosing an ‘easier path.’ I started to pray about it and took up a job at Pathlight School.”

“During my first year of work, I was accorded the Social Service Award from National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to pursue a Masters in Speech Therapy at the University of Reading.

The subsequent two years of overseas studies were tough. Not just the rigour of higher-level education and homesickness, Sarah had to learn not to compare with peers off to a flying start in their respective fields.

“Nothing is by chance. There’s always a God-intended purpose,” Sarah reflects wistfully.

Even the opportunity to write a book.

Gripped by another social cause

Last year, Sarah became part of Architects Of Life, started by renowned life coach and inspirational speaker Glenn Lim, focused on helping ex-convicts reintegrate back to society and gain cutting-edge skills for employment. 


Sarah with her parents at From Stereotypes To Archetypes book launch

During a chat in early 2018, Glenn asked if she would be interested to help him write a book that featured real-life stories of ex-convicts who are now making positive changes in society.

Through months of juggling her work and writing, From Stereotypes to Archetypes was birthed, and was soft launched on November 2018, helping to not just grow awareness of, but also, raise funds for Architects Of Life.

Being an intentional disciple-maker

Through all she does, Sarah hopes that her ladies in the working adults small group that she leads will catch on.

“The past year was fun helping this group of fresh graduates adjust to work-life, teaching them how to find rest amid the intense Singaporean pace.”

“I hope that through my life, they’ll be inspired to follow Jesus Christ in all that they do.”


Sarah with the working adults small group that she leads.

“After all, life on earth is just a preparation for eternity. Would one choose to be comfortable for a little while or bankrupt in eternity?”

Seeking to find a healthy rhythm in the hustle and bustle? Looking to kick-start your marketplace experience with a group of like-hearted believers? Connect with our Professionals ministry today. 

*RevUp is a missions initiative of Cru Singapore Campus Ministry. Check out our mission opportunities today.

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