The Search for Significance

The Significance Project



Discover Your Uniqueness

Discover Your Uniqueness

You were created unique — a person of worth! By discovering your uniqueness you will see clearly God’s personal plan for you.

Walk With God

Walk With God

Through this course, you will understand what it means to live your life of significance in God’s power.

Discover Your Mission

Discover Your Mission

Your mission will influence your spiritual life as well as every facet of your life — your family, children, spouse, money, vocation, and personal priorities.

The Significance Project

The Significance Project is a discipleship course that incorporates life-coaching methods along with facilitators and personal peer coaches to help participants discover their personal mission. We believe having a personal mission statement helps you stay grounded in what God has called you to do, and this influences every facet of your life.

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Man of Impact

The Man of Impact is a discipleship course that incorporates life-coaching methods along with facilitators and personal peer coaches in order to help you!



The Significant Woman

The Significant Woman is a discipleship course that uses biblical principles with life coaching methods to help you live connected to God and discover your personal mission.

The Significant Couple

If you're looking for a way to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, look no further! Our relationship courses will help you much!


Soaring is a unique life coaching resource that offers women of all faith the opportunity to find their purpose in life. Learn more about our program!


Searching for clarity in career or life direction? Join Quest, a small group life coaching course for men that will transform your life.


Reflection on The Significant Woman

Chern Nee was at the crossroads of her career and life. She felt this deep calling to serve God and His Kingdom in the second half of her life. She shared how she met like-minded women through The Significance Woman course, and learning to adjust her priorities and discover her personal mission.

Do You Feel Significant On Earth?

Belinda shared what is it like to live with purpose and see the perspective of God.


A significant woman is someone who lives with a sense of purpose and mission. Using her uniqueness, she makes a positive difference to the world around her. She lives with clarity and focus, and invests her life intentionally. Life is fulfilling and meaningful because she lives for what really matters. The Significance Project has helped many women start their journey of significance.

A man of impact is someone whose actions and words influence and make a positive difference on others. He identifies and uses his unique strengths and talents to better the lives of those around him. A man of impact lives with a sense of purpose and mission. He pursues with passion and intentionality what is important to him. Through the Significance project, you can fulfill your potential and maximize your impact.

To help you discover your life purpose and mission, it is helpful to join a life coaching group.

Here are some benefits of a life coaching group in the Significance Project:

The Community

A life coaching group can provide you a safe and supportive environment to journey with other like-minded people towards self-discovery and growth. It is more motivating when there are others working with you towards self development.

The Resources

A life coaching group provides you the resources that you need to discover and identify your unique strengths and abilities. The Significance Project resources contain more than 30 life coaching tools to help you discover about yourself and how you can live more effective and fulfilled lives.

The Guidance

The Significance Project small groups are facilitated by trained facilitators who can give you invaluable input and perspective as you identify your life direction and work towards your goals.

The search for significance is a search for meaning. In our short and temporal life on earth, we want to know that our lives matter. We want to know that our lives count for something larger than ourselves. Life is fulfilling and meaningful when we live with a sense of purpose and mission. Knowing that our lives make a positive difference to others can bring great joy and satisfaction to us.

Meaning in life refers to how we make sense of life, why we exist. All of us want to know that our lives have significance and value. Many people find meaning in life from our personal beliefs, spirituality, our relationships, etc. Having a clear purpose in life also makes life worth living. Some people may find purpose in their work, volunteering in causes they believe in, raising a family, pursuing their passion etc.

Many people find meaning in life when they live with a sense of purpose. Knowing why we are here on earth can give our lives direction, motivation and fulfillment. A life of purpose is also a life that makes a difference to the world around us. It is a life of significance. Some steps that help us discover our life purpose include:

  • Reflect on your life experiences. What are the high and low points in your life and what made them significant? How have your life experiences shaped you? What are your life themes? What have you been learning about yourself and life? Your life experiences can also shape your life's passions and give you insights into what is important to you.
  • Identify your skills and abilities, strengths and talents. Knowing what we are good at, what we enjoy doing can give us a better idea how we can make a difference to the world around us.
  • Think about your values What is important to you? Though we have 30-40 values we live by, realistically, we consistently live by a few core values. Your values can give you direction in making decisions and guide you towards a purpose that aligns with your belief.
  • Join with others on the journey of self-discovery. Seek support and guidance from a life coaching group. The Significant Woman and Man of Impact are Christian life coaching/discipleship helping women and men respectively to be connected to God and discover their personal mission. Soaring and Quest are for people of all faiths to discover their life foundation and their life direction.

A meaningful life is one where we know who we are, what we believe in and how we can make a unique contribution to our world. When we know what makes life worth living, we are able to give our best and intentionally invest our life in what really matters. A meaningful life that makes a positive difference to others is a life of significance. Living beyond ourselves and giving to a cause that is larger than ourselves can bring tremendous motivation and fulfillment to our lives.

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