Considering Christian ministry as a profession? Let God use Cru’s Internship Programme to grow you in Character, Convictions and Competence as you pursue your full-time ministry calling.

Exploring full-time Christian vocational ministry?

Be part of teams helping build spiritual movements in Singapore and internationally. These challenging opportunities will help set you on a lifetime of ministry, whether you continue on as a staff member with Cru Singapore or go on to live missionally in your chosen vocation.

These are also internships designed to help you put your skills and training to work in support of many Cru initiatives.

So look around. Get to know the world of opportunities to put your diverse talents and ministry experiences to work for Christ’s mission in the world. 

Can I apply?

Here're some criteria we're looking for in our interns:

  • Diploma of any discipline and above
  • Understands Cru's organisational values and ministry philosophy 
  • Good moral conduct 
  • Reasonable degree of self-assurance and an ability to handle pressure
  • Prepared to raise financial support to cover personal and ministry expenses
  • Attends a local church 
  • Prior experience with Cru ministry in witnessing and discipleship is advantageous

What can I expect?

  • Equipping Sessions
  • Field Ministry (or other operational roles)
  • Personal Coaching
  • Mentor Group
  • Cross-cultural Missions
  • Restoration Retreat

Spiritual Growth

  1. Rest and Retreat with the Lord
  2. Handling Emotions
  3. Handling Stress


  1. Communicating the Gospel Effectively
  2. Reaching the Millennial Generation
  3. Apologetics


  1. Helping New Believers build a Foundation
  2. Fundamentals of Discipleship
  3. Leading a Discipleship Group


  1. Will You Care to Pray?
  2. Why Pray?
  3. Prayer and the Sovereignty of God


  1. Conducting Training in Evangelism and Discipleship
  2. Sharing Your Personal Testimony and Transformational Story



  1. Being Involved in a Spiritual Movement
  2. How to Build a Spiritual Movement

Reach. Build. Send

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