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Wanna Be An Online Missionary?

She connects with people in the digital space that God made possible

With 4.39 billion internet users globally, what have we, as a Church, been doing about this enormous harvest field?

Taking on this herculean task in stride is Global Media Outreach (GMO), Cru Singapore’s missions partner in online gospel proclamation work. GMO exists to share Jesus online, grow people in faith and connect them to an Online Missionary (known as OM or eMentor). They do so through running online advertisements linked to GMO-related gospel websites, social media or applications (apps) where responses submitted are answered individually, by one of more than 3500+ OMs worldwide from an extensive and secure, web-based response platform.

This has unearthed massive opportunities to the many who want to be missionaries but can’t physically “go” (Matt 28:18-20).

Meet Khoo Lay Kuan, our Cru Singapore staff who oversees the Singapore and Myanmar (Burmese) eMentoring staff-and-volunteer team of 15, as Community Leader.


Lay Kuan (second from right) with her e-Mentoring team

Keeping a clear focus in digital ministry

Part of Singapore’s GMO team since November 2005, Lay Kuan recalls, “I started feeling challenged about using the digital space for God in April 2005 when attending the first MinistryNet Conference, organised by Cru (then Campus Crusade for Christ) and partner ministries in Budapest, Hungary.”

“What Walt Wilson, founder and chairman of GMO, said about our generation being the first in all human history with the technology to reach every man, woman and child on the earth really struck me.”

To date, in 2019 alone, more than 120 million gospel presentations have been recorded, with more than 20 million people indicating decisions to follow Christ, on all GMO web and app assets.

“Our role is not just to answer emails, but to make disciples.” Lay Kuan firmly expressed.

Cutting through the online noise

Having served in full-time Christian vocational ministry for more than 25 years, she’s always had an affinity with technology. A skilled graphic designer, she sees a critical need to tap on the potential of the digital space for ministry, even more so in recent times.

A 2019 article in The Gospel Coalition describes Google as “the greatest spiritual battleground of our time”. We’re facing a reality where “voices that rise to the top…of search results are in positions of incredible influence over the souls of the searching”, even if they are wrong.

GMO platforms address this rampant reliance on search engines for answers. Lay Kuan explained, “To cut through the noise of so much content available online is crucial. Whether it is someone who just decided to follow Christ or who has questions, we provide a tangible lifeline of one-to-one discipleship and personal correspondence with a mature believer, in a safe place, as soon as possible; especially when they have no one to turn to.”


GMO ministry's content site at on a mobile device

Writing with the Spirit
Lay Kuan handles an average of 30 new emails per month, not counting replies to previous contacts. Her role includes checking logins and replies made by her team, encouraging them and following through when there are difficult issues. She particularly enjoys meeting budding eMentors whom God brings along through Cru’s web enquiry page or among friends.

Without needing to be known or lauded, her significance is in simple obedience doing what God has set before her.

“We are letters from Christ as are the emails we write to our contacts,” Lay Kuan muses, referencing 2 Corinthians 3:3 (NIV)

“Technology has increased our missions capacity and reach. Essentially a ministry of the written word, eMentoring is highly personal, effective and non-threatening.”


Lay Kuan is looking for people who can correspond in English and/or Burmese to join her team. Those proficient in other languages are welcome to enquire too.​ Connect with us at if you are interested to find out more!

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