Digital Strategies

Over 5 billion people use the internet today — equivalent to 63.1% of the world population (DataReportal, 2022). It's time for a pivotal shift in how we do missions and ministry!

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I Am Not Done With You Yet

I had all these plans laid out - pursue my childhood dream of going to art school, graduate and hustle my way up the ladder of the contemporary art scene. Because God had given me a gift to make art.

Read more about how serving in Cru SG changed Joses's life.

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Exploring New Ways of Evangelism

The concept of digital evangelism is probably difficult for most to fathom. How can we meet new contacts and build relationships purely through online communication?

Learn more about how can we evangelize online! 

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Digital Training


At Cru, we’ve seen firsthand how digital tools can be used for advancing the Great Commission.

Digital allows access to places and people that have never been reachable before, and we want you to be a part of reaching people with the gospel.

We’ve compiled the best of what Cru has to offer in the area of digital ministry to help you get started.

From trainings that can help your church grow using social media and apps you can use to share your faith in hundreds of languages, we want to share everything we have with you, your church and your ministry.

Below we have free resources just for you and tips on how you can use them!

Apps & Tools

Apps & Tools

Cru has apps to help you connect the people you care about to God. These apps help with preaching the Gospel into the world, so we can help reach the ends of the earth.

Each app is unique so no matter the person or situation, one will help you share the love of Jesus anywhere you have your phone!

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Using social media can be so much more than posting a selfie. You can start with learning the basics of each platform to the most strategic ways to create an advertisement using social media.

We want to a be a resource for you and your ministry.


Creating Content

Creating Content

Are you a writer, editor or videographer for your ministry? Are you delivering the right content, to the right people in the way they want to receive it?

This series of Ministry Hacks is designed to help you create content you can be confident in.

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