Media Ministry Resources

Empowered for Christ

Everyone can be a Christian Influencer! Let us learn how to share His story and influence others for Christ in this digital age.

Check out these recommended reads to be #READY at all times for the spiritual conversations God brings our way.

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Evangelistic Tools

Wondering how to begin a spiritual conversation without feeling awkward?  

Need a helpful aid to keep you focused in the process?  
Want to be #READY at all times for the opportunities that God brings your way? 

Here are some creative and powerful Evangelistic Tools to engage loved ones and strangers alike during such divine appointments.

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Discipleship Resources

What's the best news you've ever heard? What's the best gift God could give you?

What's the best love you've ever known? What's the best future you could ever imagine?

Check out Christianity Explored, Life Explored, Discipleship Explored and Hope Explored for the answer!

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Recommended Reads

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